Finhabits Launches Microlearning Journeys to Help Diverse Communities Build Healthy Financial Habits



Finhabits, the fintech company making financial services more inclusive in the United States, has announced the launch of “Finhabits Journeys,” its new microlearning tool focused on helping minorities improve their financial habits.

Journeys are short and easy-to-digest activities delivered daily by a virtual assistant. To get started, users can subscribe to one of the four themes available in the Finhabits app and complete the quick lessons on their smartphones.

“We found that 90% of Finhabits users want to raise their credit score; that’s why our first journey is about seven concrete steps they can take to help boost their score,” said Carlos Garcia, the CEO and founder of Finhabits. “The purpose of this feature is to reduce the knowledge gap by promoting financial education among underserved communities.”

More than 50,000 Finhabits users have registered to participate in a journey. About 84% of them said they found the feature useful and would recommend it to their friends and family.

Finhabits launched in 2017 to make quality financial services and education more inclusive in our country. To date, the app has more than 400,000 users across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The bilingual, mobile-first platform allows users to set up Roth and Traditional IRAs, as well as individual investment accounts.


SOURCE Finhabits


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