Industry Expert Gives VantagePoint His Endorsement



VantagePoint AI software has been reviewed by the legendary Darrell Jobman who declared it “Highly Recommended” in the latest issue of TradersWorld Magazine, the Official Magazine of Technical Analysis.  The recommendation is high praise from the highly regarded former editor of Commodities Magazine.

“VantagePoint features take the job of market forecasting beyond the ability of most humans,” writes Jobman, “[the software] now offers a larger range of U.S. and international stocks, futures and commodities, forex pairs, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and cryptocurrencies– in time frames that can be customized from three days to 10 years, all based on end-of-day data.”

Mr. Jobman’s review is an easy-to-understand overview of the capabilities of the software.  He provides explanations of the various functions within VantagePoint’s interface along with charts to demonstrate how various functions are displayed and can be used.

The review is also a good introduction to VantagePoint’s capabilities. It explains how the software uses artificial intelligence to provide independent traders with predictive forecasts up to 72 hours before a market movement or trend change with accuracy up to 87.4% and four points of confirmation.

Jobman also writes, “VantagePoint has a long history of providing excellent customer service support and training, too. Applying the software along with training and recouping the cost should not take long.”

To read the entire review, visit the Vantagepoint website.

Vantagepoint AI was the first company in the world to give independent traders the power of artificial intelligence for trading financial markets from their home computers. Since it was founded in 1979, Vantagepoint has been helping traders in over 120 countries find financial freedom.


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