South African Fintech GWC Deal with Calibri Holdings



Gemini Worldwide Consultant (“GWC“), a leading digital transformation consultancy is pleased to announce it has entered into a multimillion-dollar letter of intent with Calibri Holdings (“Calibri“) of South Africa (“SA“), a technology company, to explore bringing data analytics and financial technologies (“Fintech”) to South Africa.

Calibri, a technology company, founded by Yaseen Mansoor, estimates that within the population of 58 million South Africans, up to 11 million are unbanked or underbanked. As a BRICS nation, South Africa is a frontier market that GWC considers a strategic fit due to its unique IP gleaned from the Indonesian market. Further, the opportunity to develop SA based software will hope to grow the local economy and serve a point of contact for expansion into the rest of the African continent. As SA struggles with the COVID-19 pandemic, this agreement is exciting to help grow the economy and create real economic value across the financial system within SA and possible further abroad.

Calibri’s deal with GWC relates to the outsourcing and conversion of IT infrastructure and software CAPEX, for the exploration of building a localized modern banking platform that will significantly reduce legacy operators operating expenses and create reach within SA through superior platform data analytics.

GWC is well placed to establish these IT services since established in 2007; they have been helping global companies and established brands reimagine their business and build innovative solutions.

Danny Kiemas, Founder of GWC, said, “South Africa, like Indonesia, is a frontier market where legacy systems and operations do not make sense for banking. By creating this partnership with Calibri, we are excited to be exploring the building of 21st-century solutions for the unbanked, and the underbanked and have a role in helping the local economy.”

Gemini Worldwide Consultant

GWC is a Web, Software & Mobile Development Company providing boutique and premium digital transformation services and consulting to its businesses large and small. Since 2007 they have been helping global companies and established brands reimagine their business by building impactful digital engineering solutions powered by the latest technologies.


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