Iraqi Consumers Using Qi Card To Leverage Aqsati Program At More Than 6,000 Merchants


Iraqi citizens are now using Qi Card‘s Aqsati program to finance purchases with more than 6,000 merchants, allowing hundreds of thousands of consumers to make purchases at the immediate time of need.

Similar to the installment plans that are popular in many Western countries, Aqsati allows consumers to acquire products immediately and pay for them in installments. The program has been widely embraced by consumers and merchants alike. Since its inception, it has been leveraged by more than 310,000 Iraqi citizens to acquire the goods they need without having to spend months accumulating savings.

The Aqsati program is just one of the ways Qi Card is driving financial inclusion and helping local communities thrive. The first fintech provider to move the Iraqi economy away from cash, Qi Card transforms daily financial life for millions of Iraqi citizens by eliminating the need to perform cash transactions or visit local banks to make deposits or withdraw funds.

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