More than Eight Million Iraqis Now Have the Power to Complete Purchases and Receive Funds Electronically Via Qi Card



Qi Card, the leading electronic payment solution and national debit/credit card of Iraq, today announced it has provided eight million Iraqis with a secure way to directly receive pension, salary, and other payments via their Qi Cards. These safe and convenient financial transactions allow Iraqis to fully participate in the benefits of a digital-based economy.

Iraq’s citizens are increasingly using Qi Card to manage their financial lives. They can receive their salaries and pensions, share money via an app, shop online, and pay their bills, all through a secure and proven platform. Qi Card’s many capabilities are bringing about transformative change for Iraqi consumers as the economy moves from a cash-based society to a more inclusive model.

As the first fintech provider to move Iraq towards a digitally based economy, Qi Card streamlines daily life for users by eliminating the need for frequent cash transactions or in-person bank visits. In addition, the company has provided billions (USD) in vital loans to more than 800,000 Iraqi citizens since 2018 through the Qi Card platform.

To learn more about the various ways Iraqi citizens are utilizing Qi Card to receive their pensions, salaries, and other payments, visit


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