Crystal Blockchain Now Supports Analytics For 300+ DeFi Protocols



Digital asset analytics platform Crystal Blockchain now provides AML compliance support for 300+ DeFi protocols; that’s the most decentralized coverage on the analytics market right now.

As we expand support of Ethereum (ETH) token transfers in our monitoring tool, we now provide support for 2600+ ERC-20 tokens on our platform. As part of this, we now support 300+ DeFi tokens including Aave (AAVE), 1inch (1INCH), and The Graph (GRT). We continue to provide even more ERC-20 token transfers for a more detailed transactional profile analysis.

The growing importance of DeFi analytics

The decentralized finance (DeFi) economy continues to build with 2.91m unique Ethereum addresses interacted with a DeFi protocol by the end of June 2021, This represented a 65% growth from the previous quarter, according to Cointelegraph. Growth is expected to continue.

Infographic –

The current top tokens Crystal supports (by market cap) are Aave (AAVE) the largest by market cap at $3,906m, followed by The Graph (GRT) at $2,953mFei Protocol (FEI) at $2,048mLiquity USD (LUSD) at $727m, and last but not least, Neutrino USD (USDN) at $434m.

Total market capitalization for supported DeFi tokens on the Crystal analytics platform is now approximately $71.5b. For comparison, that’s the same as Tether’s (USDT) current market cap.

The current market cap for the DeFi sector is $91b – Crystal covers almost 80% of this volume. Crystal continues to increase its DeFi analytics coverage as the decentralized sector expands.

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