Sightline Payments valued over $1 billion+



Sightline Payments, a leading digital payments provider and mobile app developer for the sports betting and casino gaming industry in the U.S., became Nevada’s first private fintech startup to ever earn a $1 billion+ valuation.

The valuation was carried out following the completion of a funding round which included investors Cannae Holdings, Genting Group, Point Break Capital Management, and Walter Kortschak, bringing $244 million capital to the company. This was Sightline’s second funding round in 2021, preceded by an earlier $100 million round in April.

Sightline applies innovative technology to a fast-growing, traditionally cash-based industry, allowing customers to safely fund their online gaming experience. Sightline’s Play+ platform offers casinos cashless wagering solutions and ensures a secure and responsible way to enjoy online and in-person gaming activities. Sightline has also recently acquired JOINGO, the top mobile engagement and loyalty platform in the casino gaming industry. The company has been a major source of growth since the 2018 overturn of the Federal ban, introducing cashless gaming not only online, but also in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Sightline Co-founder Omer Sattar commented – “Sightline has continuously risen to meet the changing needs of the casino gaming industry. As we strive to help lead the digital transformation of the patron experience in our vertical, we are humbled to become Nevada’s first FinTech unicorn. Financial Services has historically not embraced the legal, regulated gaming industry, but thanks to the innovations Sightline has fostered in the market, gaming is clearly poised for an omnichannel cashless revolution.”

“After seeing Sightline’s groundbreaking technology firsthand at the recent launch of Resorts World Las Vegas, I am more bullish than ever about Sightline’s ability to be at the forefront of the digital transformation afoot in the North American gaming, sports, and entertainment ecosystem,” said Cannae Holdings Chairman William P. Foley II. “I look forward to helping Sightline continue their tremendous growth.”

Sightline CEO Joe Pappano added – “The Sightline team has reached new heights to provide innovative solutions to drive our industry forward. Our investors’ continued faith in our business will enable us to execute our vision of transforming payments in the casino gaming and hospitality industry.”