Operation HOPE for Financial Literacy Program: Six New HOPE Inside Locations by BancorpSouth



BancorpSouth Bank brings six new HOPE inside locations to Operation HOPE for financial literacy and promises a nearly $1.5 million investment over the next two years.

Operation HOPE works to aid the underserved and to spread financial literacy, disrupting poverty across the nation. HOPE Inside is its community uplift model which has served over 4 million people to acquire financial stability through financial literacy.

The partnership between Operation HOPE and BancorpSouth dates back to 2017 when the Bank launched a HOPE Inside location in Memphis. BancorpSouth’s commitment to financial literacy and inclusion made it a perfect partner, providing financial education to underserved communities.

“Our partnership with BancorpSouth has grown because they are equally as passionate about changing what financial literacy looks like in this country,” said John Hope Bryant, Founder and CEO of Operation HOPE. “Together, we are empowering the next generation of Americans, making them not just financially literate, but also financially confident.”

“BancorpSouth is committed to expanding financial literacy, access, and opportunities into previously underserved areas,” said BancorpSouth Chairman and CEO Dan Rollins. “Financial education helps communities and individuals prosper. We’re excited to continue our partnership with organizations like Operation HOPE.”

Through the six new HOPE Inside locations introduced by BancorpSouth, Operation HOPE will reach new communities in Dallas; Gulfport, Mississippi; Houston; Jackson, Mississippi; Jackson, Alabama; Memphis, Tennessee; and Pensacola, Florida. Three of the locations focus on financial wellbeing, credit counseling, and HUD-certified homebuyer counseling. The other three offer programming for small business development and entrepreneurship.

The continued partnership will empower adults, youth, disaster survivors, and partners’ employees with coaching and programming, aiming to spread the financial knowledge required to create a secure future.