Project: One Whale Attempts to Revolutionize the Crypto Industry as It Brings Unique Use-Case to the Table

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Manila, Philippines–(Newsfile Corp. – November 25, 2021) – With the crypto ecosystem gaining massive traction as the day goes by, hundreds of projects are regularly being added on the blockchain, one of which is One Whale.

Figure 1: Project: One Whale Attempts To Revolutionize The Crypto Industry As It Brings Unique Use-Case To The Table

One Whale is proud to announce launch of its platform, with aim to encourage crypto enthusiasts and create different revenue streams for users to generate income.

One Whale Token

One Whale has a utility token with the symbol “POW.” This native token can be used to make purchases within the One Whale ecosystem or protocol. Token holders can use POW to pay for transaction fees and enjoy a discount. One Whale seeks out a manual buyback that translates to unlimited $BUSD rewards.

The POW token features an anti-whale mechanism. This limits the sale of the token to a maximum supply of 0.25% of the total volume in circulation. The project charges a 15% tax for every transaction carried out on the One Whale network. The fees charged are distributed as follows:

  • 8% of the fee is allocated for BUSD reflection
  • 2% for auto buyback engine
  • 2% for liquidity pool
  • 3% for One Whale investment fund and marketing wallet

Investment Fund And Marketing Wallet

For every transaction involving POW, a 3% fee is charged and allocated to the One Whale investment fund and marketing wallet. The proceeds from this wallet will be reinvested in existing or new crypto-related projects with a lot of potential for token holders to earn.

The team at One Whale will also invest the revenue accrued in the investment fund and marketing wallet in various crypto exchanges and forex trading in a bid to guarantee continuous revenue streams. Concurrently, the proceed would also be used to promote and advertise One Whale in and out of the crypto space, concentrating on the following areas:

  • R&D For Future POW Integrated Projects and New Use Cases
  • Social Media Push through Sponsorships and Influencers
  • Running Cross-Platform Ads and News Articles
  • Relentless Hype and Traction Generation
  • Spreading the POW Brand and Image

How One Whale Is Unique

One Whale’s primary utility, which will be 100% ready upon launch, is to invest in a wide range of financial instruments, so holders can immediately benefit from the project’s self-sustaining design. Whether you decide to invest at launch, in the middle, or you plan to be the last man standing, One Whale has several benefits. The profits generated from the project will be used to continuously buy back POW tokens to sustain the project.

BUSD Reward

All POW token holders will get rewards, including 8% of every transaction that would be distributed in the form of BUSD tokens. The rewards would be automatically credited to the various wallets.

Whale Pod (One Whale Ecosystem)

Another innovative utility is the Whale Tank, a business incubator concept similar to the TV Series Shark Tank. People with unique ideas for new tokens can pitch their ideas to the One Whale community and they will decide if they will provide full support for the said project, from token coding, launching, and marketing.

The team at One Whale will also create a VIP trading signal, trading bot service, and copy trading app so that token holders can reinvest their earnings without any hassles.

The project also intends to provide investors an all-in-one dashboard and DApp where investors can self-manage their investment portfolio and also create multiple revenue streams.

Partnership with FOMOLABS

Amongst many milestones that One Whale has achieved in recent weeks, it is the collaboration with FOMOLabs that stands out. And is going to announce many more such partnerships in coming days/weeks.

Listed on FegEX, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko

One Whale is listed on FegEx to give exposure to its community and allow for more accessible trading for some. Users can also find POW Token on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, where it got listed just recently.


About One Whale

One Whale is a revolutionary revenue generating project laden with exciting opportunities for investors to earn continuous passive income. The project’s concept is simple, practical, and relevant in today’s digital economy.

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