Cheems Inu Launches a Raffle Through NFTs

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Wilmington, Delaware–(Newsfile Corp. – December 28, 2021) – Cheems Inu Launches a Raffle through NFTs. Meme tokens have been an integral part of the ongoing bull run in the cryptocurrency market. New meme tokens are trying to take their place among the plethora of these tokens that have flooded the crypto space, mainly on the Binance Smart Chain, among the longest-standing meme coins.

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Market Overview

The previous surge in popular meme tokens has inspired a lot of developers to pursue similar projects that can secure soaring high market caps. $CINU at its core is a meme coin, but unlike other meme coins, it has a native utility in the form of the upcoming site, MEMETOOLS. Cheems Inu is a meme that hopes to inspire others by combining Memes and Crypto to bring fun and money to the masses.


Over the past month, Cheems Inu has been listed on multiple coin trackers through its explosive volume, including multiple instances of trending on CoinMarketCap – the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets in the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space. Its mission is to make crypto discoverable and efficient globally by empowering retail users with unbiased, high quality, and accurate information for drawing their informed conclusions. Moreover, Cheems Inu has been listed on multiple centralized exchanges such as Hotbit and BKEX, and more listings are running in the pipeline. BKEX is a digital asset trading platform. Also famous as the world’s largest blockchain financial derivatives service platform, BKEX has been online for less than one year, providing services to 1.8 million+ users in 208 countries around the world. BKEX is currently ranked 29th in the world.

Cheems Inu, $CINU was launched at a $4,000 market cap, and currently, the project is holding well above $30 million in market capitalization.

After being featured by StockTwits and trending multiple days above Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors and Tesla, $CINU was a trending topic on the largest social network for investors, attracting a ton of attention and further helping the upward price trend of Cheems Inu.


Cheems Inu has a total supply of 6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 that is steadily decreasing with its hyper-deflationary burn function implemented within our tax system. 50% of all buy and sell taxes are burned. For reference, “burning” refers to tokens being sent to a null crypto address, permanently removing them from circulation and increasing the token’s scarcity.

$CINU has a buy tax of 10% per transaction and a sell tax of 15% per transaction; the taxes are allocated to liquidity, marketing, and supply burning. Additionally, there is a 3% maximum limit of the total supply that an individual can hold at any given moment. This amount doesn’t hinder significant investments like some other tokens while simultaneously avoiding any holder from having too much leverage and impact on the price. For comparison, the popular meme tokens have had single holders with over 10% of their supply at a time, causing a large risk of price manipulation and general product instability.

Generation 1 and Generation 2 NFTs Completely sold out (500 of ea)

Cheems Inu successfully sold its first and second batches of NFTs, along with a holiday Christmas Raffle through NFTs. Generation 1 of the Cheems NFTs launched on November 23rd, 2021. The original Gen 1 Cheems NFTs have been fully minted out. The minting price for the Gen 1 Cheems NFTs was 0.3BNB each. They are now available for secondary sale via community members on NFTKey, a widely used NFT marketplace featuring both generations of Cheems NFTs, among other collections. Generation 2 of the Cheems NFTs, commonly called ‘Pixel Cheems,’ was launched on November 30th, 2021. The minting price for Pixel Cheems NFTs was 1 BNB. Pixel Cheems are available for secondary sales on NFTKey.

Cheems Meme Tools Utility:

Merging all crypto meme tokens on a single social media is one of the goals that the team behind this project has in mind. $CINU will be the native token for the meme tools, and a burn will be added to the existing tokenomics, providing easy and fun to use media editing tools to create best memes on the blockchain itself. Meme Tools utility is currently in development. These meme tools will be the central hub for everything “meme” in the crypto space. A platform featuring advertising spaces for other meme projects, an upvote system, and a fully functioning swap where all meme tokens can be traded along with live tickers for popular meme tokens, and top gainers and losers section inspired by CoinMarketCap. “The Cheems social media will be different from all the existing platforms out now,” is what the team is constantly emphasizing on in all their AMAs and they also plan to have a memepedia.

$CINU has close to 40,000 holders and soared to an all-time high market cap just shy of 67 million. It is backed by a very strong community to set even more such milestones.

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