LexisNexis Risk Solutions wins Data Initiative of the Year at the UK Fintech Awards 2022



LexisNexis Risk Solutions won Data Initiative of the Year at the recent UK Fintech Awards in recognition of their success in implementing a golden customer record for its client Aviva and their UK Aviva brand customers.

The award recognises a data initiative that can demonstrate measurable improvements in outcomes for customers or users.

Using a proprietary statistical linking tool and unique identifier, LexID®, to match data from disparate datasets, LexisNexis Risk Solutions helped Aviva enhance its single view of their multi-million UK customer database across their full range of services.

Steve Elliot, managing director at LexisNexis Risk Solutions, UK & Ireland, commented: “LexID also not only provides data clarity, but allows the client to monitor for individual changes in a customer’s circumstances, such as address and contact information and mortality screening – meaning records remain current throughout the customers’ life.

“Through this exercise, Aviva now has a more comprehensive and high-quality single view of each customer across multiple products and channels, helping put customers at the heart of experience and enabling them to view more of their policies in one place. Unifying the records also enables improved lifetime value calculations for their customers on top of significant efficiency cost savings.”

According to the UK Fintech Awards, the winner of the Data Initiative of the Year is the creator of a data tool powered by proprietary technology that gives customers a substantially better understanding of their customers and is highly innovative and effective.