Zithara launches Bharat Loyalty: A UPI Based Loyalty Program Even a Hawker can Run



Zithara launches the Bharat Loyalty Program, a zero-cost, zero-integration, decentralized loyalty program, every Indian merchant can run for FREE, right from their smartphone.

At the heart of every loyalty program is a retention mechanism, usually a discount, that keeps bringing the customer back to the billing counter. Small merchants lack both the profit margin to run heavy discounts, and the digital infrastructure to distribute the said offer to their customers. Zithara solves this with a Simple UPI QR. Merchants keep a Zithara UPI QR at their billing counter, and when a shopper scans the QR to pay, he receives a ZiCoin Cashback from Zithara. The customer can redeem the ZiCoin Cashback for offers, deals, and discounts from other merchants on the Zithara App.

This saves the small merchant’s already razor-thin profit margin, as he now gives ZiCoins instead of discounts. It benefit’s the shoppers as they can collect points at ANY shop with a Zithara QR, and redeem them at ANY offer they want from ANY merchant on the Zithara App. The Zithara platform even gives ZiCoins to merchants for transactions made on the Zithara QR, and the merchants can redeem these for ad space on the Zithara App.

The whole platform is Zero-Cost: merchants just need to put a FREE QR code on their billing counter; Zero-Integration: No need for an expensive POS or software, merchants can access all the data and transactional data and segment-wise RFM analytics from a FREE smartphone app; Decentralized: Redemption is not restricted to a single brand, customers can redeem their loyalty points at any shop or brand they earn them from right from the Zithara App.

Zithara is also transforming marketing practices and highlighted in their LinkedIn post, how they establish and maintain boundaries between the customer-brand relationship, by eliminating email and message spam.