Mavryk Finance is challenging legacy financial systems by bringing on-chain finance to the real world



Mavryk is a decentralized, non-custodial, community-governed financial platform that gives users independent control of their finances.

They will be launching a suite of decentralized financial products on the Tezos blockchain, designed to bring financial freedom to all of its users and to bridge the gap between the real world and on-chain finance.

Mavryk enables its users to free the equity trapped in their assets as a loan without requiring the involvement of third parties such as banks. Users also earn by participating as members in Mavryk’s digital co-op.

Mavryk enables its members to take a passive or active role in the operations of the DAO platform by either delegating their tokens voting rights or operating a “Satellite” node. Satellite nodes act as representative curators for the platform, and also form an array of nodes for Mavryk’s decentralized oracle system. Stakeholder participation is incentivized via rewards for governance & signing oracle price feeds, in order to bring stability, security, prosperity to the platform and its users.

The community with live updates can be found on the Mavryk discord. Mavryk is also backed by a host of heavyweight industry players such as Tezos Israel, Draper Goren Holm, Ghaf Capital, Metavest Capital, Big Brain Holdings, and numerous Tezos Bakeries (validator nodes).