Global Paytech Ventures invests in Gibobs’ disruptive fintech platform offering European users complete credit evaluation and a curated suite of financial services offers



Global PayTech Ventures (GPT) announced its recent investment in Gibobs Allbanks whose cutting edge fintech platform is helping consumers, companies and providers of financial services to find their ideal match through the integration of sophisticated technology and personalized human analysis.

The platform is the first of its kind in Europe to bring consumers ‘out of the dark’ in the process of obtaining mortgage financing along with additional services to improve their financial ‘health’. Similar to Credit Karma in the US, Gibobs helps European consumers and companies to understand their financial ability to obtain financing and how to improve it. The platform goes further by assigning personal financial analysts who negotiate on behalf of each of their customers for the most competitive offers for their home financing products, such as mortgages, payment tools and insurance, as well as loans for construction companies, developers and real estate players.

“The superpower here is Gibobs comparative analysis, their ability to help consumers evaluate multiple financial product offerings and choose what’s best for them,” said Javier Perez, founder of Global Paytech Ventures (GPT).

Beginning with Spain’s mortgage market, Gibobs’ platform is systematically disrupting the European financial services market by offering a consumer-focused platform that is both data-driven and human-touch oriented all at once, or ‘bionic’ as Perez described it.

What is it

A data-driven, consumer-focused fintech platform designed to help loan/credit seekers to understand their overall financial situation, understand their ability to secure various financial services and acquire a competitive analysis of options offered by major banks and other entities participating on the platform.

Founded by Jorge González-Iglesias, serial entrepreneur who previously founded the carsharing company Bluemove, which was successfully sold to Europcar Mobility Group, and Óscar Bañó, former global director of the Risk area at BBVA. Gibobs’ risk analysis tools allow users to understand their total financial situation and secure optimal financing. Gibobs is initially targeting Spain’s mortgage market, approximately 400K mortgages per year, but they plan to expand into the broader European mortgage market and add additional loan services. In 2022, Gibobs plans to launch a version for SMEs.

With its multifaceted systems designed to address the financial needs of individual consumers and businesses, Gibobs’ President González-Iglesias likens the platform to Apple’s iOS operating system  — “Gibobs is the iOS for financial services. We’re changing the whole paradigm.”

“What we’re building is an ecosystem where pre- and post-mortgage, we connect you to your finances via PSD2 so you can understand your financial situation and obtain a scoring. We want the user to understand their complete financial situation and then be able to choose financial products in a more objective and comparative way. You’re in an ecosystem specifically built around your data and your circumstances in order to help you make better financial decisions today and also in the future.”

How it works

  1. The borrower/consumer uploads their financial data, available via Europe’s ‘PSD2’ regulations, to the Gibobs platform.
  2. A financial analyst is assigned and helps the consumer through the entire process, from understanding their personal financial picture and the level of financing they can afford to securing the most competitive offers for various types of financing, and other home financing related products.
  3. Gibobs is paid, by the issuer or financing entity, for a percentage of the total amount financed.

Why it’s revolutionary

  • Gibobs’s fintech platform is the first of its kind in Europe. No other platform offers credit scoring, overall financial ‘health’ status, as well as a competitive analysis of suitable mortgage offerings.
  • The process for securing financing in Spain and other European countries is still fairly antiquated from a technology standpoint, compared to the US. Consumers typically have to visit a bank branch in person and wade through a lengthy credit evaluation process. Consumers are beholden to a particular bank’s offering with no knowledge of other, potentially more competitive offerings from other banks, unless they go through the process again, or multiple times, with other banks.
  • The unique, ‘bionic’ aspect of the platform is its ‘hybrid’ approach’ combining both AI technology for data analysis and a human element to accurately understand a consumer’s goals, serve their unique financial needs and identify appropriate solutions.

“Our platform is bio-intelligent — we uniquely combine highly qualified human advice with state-of-the-art proprietary technology that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and is implementing blockchain technology to further disrupt the way we consume financial products. Our users can understand the state of their financial health and speed up financing processes. Qualified clients get personalized advice from a dedicated senior financial analyst who negotiates on their behalf with banks and advises them throughout the entire process to help (users) make the best financial decisions,” said González-Iglesias.


  • Gibobs has a current Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 87.
  • 80% quarterly growth in users.
  • 50% quarterly growth in Gross Merchandise Value in terms of mortgage loans.
  • More than 15 major banks in Spain are participating on the Gibobs platform.

While Gibobs is consumer-focused, the platform also provides a much-needed technical interface for financial entities, real estate agents and buyers. “We’ve invested significant resources in a very advanced, original technology,” says González-Iglesias. Banks benefit from the platform’s ability to identify specific types of mortgage clients they want, for example, by leveraging technology they typically don’t have.

“We are having a strong impact on a sector that is in a very early stage of its journey towards digitalization. Financial Institutions are in need of technological tools for process optimization like the ones we are providing.” Gibobs objective, says González-Iglesias, “is to create a community of empowered users who we will help to make good decisions and better understand their finances.”