Consumer Genius Inc. Expands Online Presence with Launch of Insurance, Mortgage and Debt Relief Platforms



Consumer Genius Inc. Canada’s Fastest Growing Fintech Company has announced the launch of various new platforms focused on the Insurance, Mortgage and Debt Relief Market Sectors.

Through its Juggling DebtCanadian Life Rates and platforms, Consumer Genius Inc. will offer and service the thousand of customers that visit its sites every month, with additional options, services and products to aid in their everyday lives.

Life insurance is essential for those who want to prepare for unexpected events. It serves as financial support to surviving loved ones who may be left with the financial impact of an individual’s sudden passing. Debt Relief is equally as important as any other aspect of financial wellness, if not, the most important part of increasing one’s financial stability. Debt relief is also directly linked to the ability to obtain a mortgage. Therefore, by adding all 3 of these products within its already existing vast suite of services including auto loans and personal loans, Consumer Genius is allowing the consumer to consolidate their searching all within one ecosystem, instead of spending endless time browsing and shopping for rates without even knowing if they will get approved.

Paul Hadzoglou is the President of the Canadian FinTech Giant, Consumer Genius Inc. “Canadians need fast and accurate information in todays ever changing and fast paced environment to make educated, informed decisions. We at Consumer Genius pride ourselves on our approach in giving all consumers alike the ability to make the decisions that are right for them, without wasting their time. We connect them directly with a pre-vetted professional that is available to serve their needs within multiple sectors.” Says Paul.

Consumers can go to any one of the Consumer Genius Platforms and fill out a few questions. From there, through its proprietary algorithm, the platform will then recommend the best course of action for that consumer and will even put them directly in touch with the expert assigned to help them secure the loan or service they are looking for. This process is fully secure and confidential in accordance with privacy laws, and the Consumer Genius Platforms do not charge any user fees to the consumer.

“We are here to help consumers source the products they need, and we don’t believe in charging our valued customers any user fees to apply for any one of our products” says Paul.