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Pulse App by Prudential in collaboration with DoctorOnCall, Babylon and AIME

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The rapid development of technology especially in the use of online applications has shown the need for healthcare-related apps to help people get healthcare services faster and easier.

In this regard, Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB), a leading insurance company has recently launched “Pulse”, an app with artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration between Prudential and UK’s Babylon Healthcare Services Limited, DoctorOnCall along with AIME allowed this application to be introduced for the first time in Malaysia. Pulse users will not only be able to monitor their health status, but also consult with a qualified doctor online and get medications delivered directly to their doorstep.

Pulse is a unique app as it functions based on individual needs. Chief Executive of Prudential Corporation Asia, Nic Nicandrou said, “This app is capable of helping users to prevent and protect themselves from diseases.” According to Chief Executive Officer of Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, Gan Leong Hin, “Malaysians spend 14 hours a day with their digital gadgets and 71% of health searches are done using mobile phones. 23% of downloaded apps from the internet are health-related. Therefore, Prudential devotes its efforts to provide Malaysians with valuable and easy-to-use services whenever and wherever they are.”

Pulse assesses the user’s health including lifestyle, mental health, internal organ health and future disease risk through questionnaires. This app provides information about their current health as well as to provide awareness on aspects that needs to be improved.

This app also incorporates the “Symptom Checker” function. Through a question and answer session, this app will provide users with possible diagnosis or cause of symptoms. Then, the user can choose to consult with a doctor for only RM1. The doctor will conclude a diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment and issue an electronic prescription if necessary.

Maran Virumandi, Co-Founder of DoctorOnCallexplained that “Online consultation through Pulse in collaboration with DoctorOnCall allow users to consult with qualified doctors that are registered with the Malaysian Medical Council. Additionally, they can also receive online prescriptions and medication”.

Pulse also provides information on dengue through the dengue alert function. The app is available in Bahasa and English and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

DoctorOnCall is one of the partners that collaborated with Prudential in realising the Pulse app. As an online clinic, DoctorOnCall offers consultation services with qualified doctors for medical conditions such as cough, cold, fever, skin problems and many more health conditions. This gives patients the opportunity to get health services from anywhere. After the consultation, if required, medications will be sent directly to the patient. Website visitors with health issues can also post questions on their forum page. For more information, visit www.DoctorOnCall.com.my or call 03-84082000.


SOURCE DoctorOnCall

Hate speech on Twitter predicts frequency of real-life hate crimes

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According to a first-of-its-kind study, cities with a higher incidence of a certain kind of racist tweets reported more actual hate crimes related to race, ethnicity, and national origin.

New York University research team analyzed the location and linguistic features of 532 million tweets published between 2011 and 2016. They trained a machine learning model – one form of artificial intelligence – to identify and analyze two types of tweets: those that are targeted – directly espousing discriminatory views – and those that are self-narrative – describing or commenting upon discriminatory remarks or acts. The team compared the prevalence of each type of discriminatory tweet to the number of actual hate crimes reported during that same time period in those same cities.

The research was led by Rumi Chunara, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering and biostatistics at the NYU College of Global Public Health, and Stephanie Cook, an assistant professor of biostatistics and social and behavioral sciences at the NYU College of Global Public Health.

“We found that more targeted, discriminatory tweets posted in a city related to a higher number of hate crimes,” said Chunara. “This trend across different types of cities (for example, urban, rural, large, and small) confirms the need to more specifically study how different types of discriminatory speech online may contribute to consequences in the physical world.”

The analysis included cities with a wide range of urbanization, varying degrees of population diversity, and different levels of social media usage. The team limited the dataset to tweets and bias crimes describing or motivated by race, ethnic or national origin-based discrimination. Hate crimes are categorized and tracked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and crimes motivated by race, ethnicity, or national origin represent the largest proportion of hate crimes in the nation. Statistics for sexual orientation crimes were not available in all cities, although the researchers previously studied this form of bias.

The group also identified a set of discriminatory terms and phrases that are commonly used on social media across the country, as well as terms specific to a particular city or region. These insights could prove useful in identifying groups that may be likelier targets of racially motivated crimes and types of discrimination in different places. While most tweets included in this analysis were generated by actual Twitter users, the team found that an average of 8% of tweets containing targeted discriminatory language were generated by bots.

There was a negative relationship between the proportion of race/ethnicity/national-origin-based discrimination tweets that were self-narrations of experiences and the number of crimes based on the same biases in cities. Chunara noted that while experiences of discrimination in the real world are known psychological stressors with health and social consequences, the implications of online exposure to different types of online discrimination – self-narrations versus targeted, for example – need further study.

These results represent one of the largest, most comprehensive analyses of discriminatory social media posts and real-life bias crimes in this country, although the researchers emphasize that the specific causal mechanisms between social media hate speech and real-life acts of violence need to be explored.

Chunara recently presented the study, Race, Ethnicity and National Origin-based Discrimination in Social Media and Hate Crimes across 100 U.S. Cities, at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference on Web and Social Media in Munich, Germany. Co-authors include NYU Tandon students Kunal Relia and Zhengyi Li in addition to Cook.

The researchers were also recently awarded a Content Policy Research on Social Media Platforms research grant from Facebook, through which they will continue their work on the downstream consequences of online discrimination.


SOURCE NYU Tandon School of Engineering; NYU College of Global Public Health

Luna Prada Joins Airtm as Global Compliance Manager

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Blockchain powered digital wallet and peer to peer exchange platform, Airtm, is pleased to announce and welcome Luna Prada as Global Compliance Manager.  Luna is responsible for building Airtm’s compliance program through policies and procedures to meet best industry standards and comply with global regulatory requirements.  She reports to Tim Parsa, Airtm’s Co-founder, Executive Chairman, and Chief Compliance Officer and Thomas Brooke, Of Counsel.

“Airtm’s success is largely due to prioritizing both innovation and compliance to bring reliable dollar-denominated financial services to consumers and businesses in emerging markets,” commented Mr. Parsa. “Luna has the superlative qualities that we’ve attracted in engineering, design, and product.”

Luna is a CAMS Certified Anti Money Laundering specialist and Co-author of the book Estudios sobre los desafíos jurídicos ante la digitalización by the University of Montevideo. She holds a Spanish JD and an LLM in International Law from the University of Miami.

“I am thrilled to join the rapidly expanding Airtm team.  The company is full of passionate people who have developed a platform that is genuinely making a difference for its users.  I am excited to build its compliance program internationally as the company expands  to new territories,” commented  Luna.

Prior to Airtm, Luna worked as a Compliance Advisory Associate & Control Room Specialist at Société Générale in New York.

During her experience at Société Générale, she developed compliance policies and procedures, as well as employee training. Luna also managed the Information Barriers program and the redesign of the Conflicts of Interest program during her tenure.

Airtm operates a blockchain and bank-connected digital wallet and peer-to-peer exchange platform (the AirPlatform) that provides globally-connected financial services to consumers and businesses in the developing world. Airtm helps over 400,000 consumers and businesses in countries with devaluing currencies, hyperinflation, and limited banking systems to exchange local money for cryptocurrencies (including fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies such as AirUSD), at the free market rate determined by exchanges on its peer-to-peer platform. For more information, please visit Airtm.com



Zinnov Says the Media & Entertainment Market, Currently Pegged at USD 1.7 Tn, Will Grow to Touch USD 2.4 Tn by 2023

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– The overall market is expected to witness a growth of 7.1% YoY growth till 2023

– Broadcasting is the largest M&E market segment at USD 441 Bn and accounts for more than one-fourth of the overall market

– Spend on digital engineering initiatives is pegged at USD 4 Bn and is expected to grow 3X to reach USD 11 Bn by 2023

Zinnov, a leading global management consulting firm, released its findings from the study on the Global Media & Entertainment Service Provider landscape titled, Zinnov Zones for Media, Communications and Technology – 2019.” The study analyzed the global M&E Service Provider landscape and evaluated services companies on their prowess across multiple sub-segments and technology areas. The study provides a 360-degree view of the Media & Entertainment landscape, covering key technology trends that are driving transformation in the space (OTT, blockchain, AR/VR, etc.). The key market segments evaluated include -Broadcasting, Entertainment, Publishing, Information Services, Gaming, Marketing & Advertising, New Media, and Education.

The goal of the study is to empower business leaders in the Media, Communications & Technology space to take the right decisions for partner selection across technologies and delivery expertise as they expand their digital footprint. The Media & Entertainment market is currently pegged at ~USD 1.7 Tn and is expected to touch USD 2.4 Tn by 2023. Broadcasting is the largest sub-segment, which stands at USD 441 Bn, accounting for more than one-fourth of the overall market.

The study highlights that the global Media & Entertainment industry has entered a hyper-growth phase when it comes to the adoption of new-age technologies and use cases. Over the past couple of years, OTT has disrupted traditional content consumption channels. As a result, Media Companies are acquiring/investing in Online Video Platforms to expand their digital video distribution capabilities. Telecom companies are also investing towards building capabilities for the OTT business. Furthermore, advancements in AI and ML are enabling these enterprises to monetize such streaming solutions more effectively. Intelligence platforms are also facilitating monetization through enhanced segmentation and hyper-targeted ads.

Digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Blockchain are also set to unlock new revenue streams in the Media & Entertainment space. In addition to micro-transactions, blockchain is enabling royalties management, smart contracts, and content security for the industry. Currently, the spend on such digital engineering initiatives by Media Companies is pegged at USD 4 Bn and is expected to grow to a staggering USD 11 Bn, witnessing a 3X growth over the next five years.

Speaking about this development in the Media, Communications and Technology space, Sidhant Rastogi, Partner & Practice Head, Zinnov, said, “The Media, Communications & Technology vertical is undergoing a convergence phase: Telecom operators are targeting to enter the OTT/Content business as a part of a concentric diversification strategy. This helps them compensate revenue loss from the traditional voice and data business, and they can efficiently leverage their existing delivery network infrastructure to offer Quality of Service (QoS) to consumers. The market has witnessed increasing number of alliances/partnerships between telecom operators and content producers in the past couple of years, which is driving a partnership-led growth model in this segment.”


SOURCE Zinnov Management Consulting

Synopsys Delivers 100X Faster Formal Verification Closure for AI, Graphics, and Processor Designs

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  • VC Formal Datapath Validation application delivers over 100X speed-up in formal verification between a reference C/C++ algorithm and RTL design implementation over conventional techniques
  • The new app integrates VC Formal’s debug and usability features enabled through Verdi with proven HECTOR technology

Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) today introduced the Datapath Validation (DPV) app as part of its VC Formal® solution. The DPV app leverages proven HECTOR™ technology to deliver exhaustive formal verification closure on datapath-intensive designs during the design and verification cycle for broad market adoption. The app also delivers over 100X speed-up in formal verification between a reference C/C++ algorithm and RTL design implementation over conventional techniques of complex system-on-chip (SoC) designs, and enables exhaustive functional verification in situations previously deemed impractical.

“Our mission is to develop high-quality CPU, GPU, and system IP for mobile SoC applications, which requires a highly competitive feature set, excellent overall performance, and very low power consumption under extremely tight schedules,” said Xiushan Feng, Formal Verification Lead for the GPU & CPU team at Samsung SARC and Advanced Computing Lab. “Formal verification of C/C++ algorithms provides exhaustive verification for our datapath-centric designs to efficiently discover corner-base bugs in minutes, where other techniques would have been impractical. VC Formal’s HECTOR technology delivers best-in-class performance and quality of results, which enabled us to successfully reduce our simulation efforts and helped catch more than 30 RTL bugs in our designs.”

Artificial intelligence (AI), graphics, and processor designs involve complex algorithmic functional blocks that are datapath heavy and require their behavior to be modeled in high-level languages such as C/C++. The implemented RTL for these designs needs to be subsequently verified for functional equivalence with the C/C++ model. The native integration of VC Formal with Synopsys’ Verdi® automated debug system enables design and verification teams to easily leverage formal technologies and automate root cause analysis of formal results. Additionally, the native integration of VCS in VC Formal facilitates easy insertion of formal analysis into the existing verification environment.

The DPV app joins the growing portfolio of VC Formal apps, including Property Verification (FPV), Sequential Equivalence Checks (SEQ), Register Verification (FRV), Formal Coverage Analyzer (FCA), Connectivity Checking (CC), X-Propogation Checks (FXP), Formal Testbench Analyzer (FTA), Automatic Extraction of Properties (AEP), and Regression Mode Accelerator (RMA).

“There is an increase in datapath-intensive designs that require specialized datapath validation techniques to achieve faster verification closure,” said Ajay Singh, senior vice president of Engineering in the Verification Group at Synopsys. “We have long collaborated with industry leaders to deliver comprehensive verification solutions for advanced SoCs. Our investment in datapath validation technology enables a faster path to verification closure and accelerate time-to-market.”


SOURCE Synopsys, Inc.


TiE Mumbai and Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Help Indian FinTechs Scale Their Business Across Middle East, Africa and South Asia Region

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Over the years, TiE Mumbai has played a significant role in promoting, mentoring, helping and funding startups in this region. TiE Mumbai represents over 2,500 startups in the Greater Mumbai Region. It has successfully connected and mentored over 2,000 entrepreneurs and startups over the last few years; over 1,000 startups have been successfully connected to investors.

As a part of its ongoing endeavour to assist startups with new opportunities and help foray into different geographies, TiE Mumbai and Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) – the leading financial hub for the Middle EastAfrica and South Asia (MEASA) — organized a two-day programme to help FinTech startups to scale their business across the region through Dubai. DIFC met with 17 FinTech startups from Mumbai to understand their business models and provide tailored solutions to support their growth in the fast-growing emerging markets.

The comprehensive DIFC FinTech ecosystem includes two highly successful accelerator programmes run by DIFC FinTech Hive and Startupbootcamp, a USD 100 million FinTech fund, subsidised licensing options, fit-for-purpose regulation and access to a financial community of over 2,100 regional and global institutions, of which more than 80 are FinTech-related companies. Since the startups were from different parts of the funding spectrum – Bootstrapped, Pre-Series A, & well-funded – Series A & B, each with their own set of requirements, the DIFC team was able to help each firm better understand how best they could utilise the Centre as a platform for growth.

“As a part of our global connect program, TiE Mumbai has partnered with DIFC to create an access to knowledge, markets, funds and talent in those regions. These partnerships present excellent growth opportunities for Mumbaistartups. Dubai and India have deeply embedded commercial, trade and cultural ties and today this relationship goes from strength to strength,” said Atul Nishar, President, TiE Mumbai.

Salmaan Jaffery, Chief Business Development Officer, DIFC Authority, commented: “It’s a pleasure to be partnering with TiE Mumbai and to engage directly with a number of promising and innovative Indian FinTech firms. Our meetings have allowed us to highlight the opportunities within the MEASA region and the ways in which they can capitalise on these to scale their business. Since our establishment in 2004, we have attracted a number of Indian banks and financial institutions to the DIFC, and in recent years we see similar interest from Indian FinTechs, which account for approximately 10 per cent of our FinTech ecosystem. We expect this number will grow, as demonstrated by the incredibly positive interest we are already witnessing and as we continue to strengthen our ties with the Indian market.”


SOURCE The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE)

EquineX North America and Victory Capital Corp. Announce Proposed Transaction

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Victory Capital Corp. (“Victory” or the “Corporation”) (TSXV: VIC.P) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a letter of intent (the “Letter of Intent”) dated June 18, 2019 with 1788938 Ontario Ltd., operating as EquineX North America (“Equinex NA”), to complete a proposed arm’s length transaction (the “Proposed Transaction”) pursuant to which Victory would acquire all of the issued and outstanding common shares (the “Equinex NA Shares”) in the capital of EquineX NA by way of an arrangement, amalgamation, share exchange or similar transaction and continue the business of EquineX NA. The Proposed Transaction is expected to constitute Victory’s “Qualifying Transaction” under the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange (the “TSXV”). Equinex NA, after completion of the Proposed Transaction, is referred to in this news release as the “Resulting Issuer”.

Trading in the common shares of Victory (the “Victory Shares”) has been halted. It is unlikely that the Victory Shares will resume trading until the Proposed Transaction is completed.


SOURCE Victory Capital Corp.

Amit Zavery Appointed to Broadridge Board of Directors

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Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: BR), a global Fintech leader and part of the S&P 500® Index, is pleased to announce the appointment of Amit Zavery as an independent member of its Board of Directors, effective June 21, 2019. Following his appointment, Broadridge’s Board consists of 11 members, nine of whom are independent.

Mr. Zavery is the Head of Platform for Google Cloud at Google, a position he has held since March 2019. Previously, he served in numerous senior leadership roles during his 24 years at Oracle Corporation. Most recently, he was executive vice president and general manager of Oracle Cloud Platform and Middleware products. He led Oracle’s product vision, design, development, operations and go-to-market strategy for its cloud platform, middleware and analytics portfolio, and oversaw a global team of more than 4,500 engineers.

“Amit is an accomplished technology leader and his experience and insight will be a tremendous value to the Broadridge Board of Directors,” said Rich Daly, executive chairman of the Board. “We are pleased to welcome Amit to the Board and look forward to his contributions as Broadridge continues to deliver on its strategy to be the on-ramp to next-generation technologies for our clients and the industry.”

Mr. Zavery brings extensive experience in designing and delivering market-leading products and building organizations to Broadridge’s Board. He is a regular keynote speaker at industry events and considered a thought leader in the development and application of enterprise software. He also has extensive experience identifying, acquiring and integrating private and public companies.

“Broadridge is uniquely positioned at the center of the global financial services industry and known for innovating in the most complex areas to enable industry-wide technology advancements,” said Mr. Zavery. “It’s an honor to serve on the Board and take part in the important work Broadridge does as it supports clients in managing technology transitions and enacting forward-looking transformation.”

Mr. Zavery holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. He also holds a master’s degree in information networking from Carnegie Mellon University and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

QuickLogic Corporation Announces Full Exercise of Over-Allotment Option Related to Public Offering of Common Stock

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QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) (“QuickLogic” or the “Company”), a developer of ultra-low power multi-core voice enabled SoCs, embedded FPGA IP, and Endpoint AI solutions, today announced that it had completed the sale of 2,400,000 additional shares of common stock pursuant to the full exercise of the over-allotment option in connection with the Company’s recently announced public offering, resulting in additional net proceeds to the Company of approximately $1.12 million after deduction of underwriting discounts.

During the Company’s recent public offering, including the underwriter’s full exercise of its over-allotment option, the Company raised an aggregate of approximately $8.56 million in net proceeds, after deduction of underwriting discounts.  After giving effect to the shares issued in the offering, the Company now has 115,996,771 shares outstanding.

Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. acted as the sole underwriter for the Offering.

The Offering was made pursuant to a shelf registration statement on Form S-3 (File No. 333-230352) that was declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) on March 29, 2019. The preliminary prospectus supplement relating to the Offering was filed with the SEC on June 18, 2019, and the final prospectus supplement and accompanying prospectus was filed with the SEC on June 20, 2019.  Copies of the final prospectus supplement and accompanying base prospectus may be obtained by visiting EDGAR on the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov, or by contacting Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., Attention: Syndicate Prospectus Department, 85 Broad Street, 26th Floor, New York, NY, 10004, by telephone at (212) 667-8055, or by email at EquityProspectus@opco.com.

This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities in the Offering. There shall not be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offering, sale or solicitation would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.


SOURCE QuickLogic Corporation

China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair 2019 is Held

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China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair 2019 (CIEF), under the theme of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in a New Era and Sharing a New Future” held in Guangzhou from June 21 to 23. The Fair is sponsored by China Association for Science and Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Central Committee of Jiusan Society, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, and organized by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality and International Data Group.

This year’s CIEF sets up over 20 exhibition areas (special zones) including international group, innovation leadership, and artificial intelligence, exhibiting upwards of 1,200 projects for innovative and entrepreneurial achievements. More than 150 foreign technology companies, innovation carriers, technology associations, and research institutions from over 20 countries including the United StatesBritainIsraelSouth KoreaAustraliaGermany, and France organized 250 projects.

Over 20 special events such as road show promotion and forum salon will be held. At the launching event, 10 projects of innovative and entrepreneurial achievements have been implemented or intention of transaction has been signed.

UK-China University Consortium on Engineering Education and Research is the first university alliance on engineering education and research jointly built by China and the United Kingdom. Founded in May 2017, the Consortium was initiated by Southeast University and Queen’s University of Belfast, UK. It comprises nine Chinese universities famous for engineering disciplines and six British universities under the Russell Group. The number of British universities was expanded to nine. As a key partner of this year’s Fair, UK-China University Consortium on Engineering Education and Research will stage a host of exciting and diverse events to promote school-enterprise cooperation and application of results.

Huai Jinpeng, Secretary of the Party Group of China Association for Science and Technology, said that CIEF has increasingly become a hub for international science and technology innovation, and has been gaining influence. China Association for Science and Technology will channel more information on technical achievements and association’s resources into CIEF, and support the Guangzhou Municipal Government to make CIEF an important innovation and entrepreneurship brand for talents, projects and capital.

CIEF is a key international, professional and market-oriented platform for trading in innovation and entrepreneurship achievements. It has been held in Guangzhou for 4 times and 165 science and technology projects have been implemented, with a total investment of RMB 13 billion. Following the spirit of the key speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping and important instructions for GuangdongGuangzhou fully carries out the innovation-driven development strategy, strives for the best, and creates a world-class innovation and entrepreneurial climate. More innovative and entrepreneurial teams and scientific and technological innovation talents fulfill their dreams in CIEF, and work together to build a platform of technology, a platform of innovation and a platform of opportunity.

The world today is undergoing major changes unprecedented in the past century. Innovation is not only an important indicator for gauging the core competitiveness of a university, but also a supporting factor for building an innovative country.



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