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Insider, Powering Top Brands like Singapore Airlines, Samsung and Virgin is Recognized as a Leader in the G2 Grid(R) for Mobile Marketing Summer 2019



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Insider announced that it has been named as a Leader in the G2 Grid for Mobile Marketing Summer 2019.

Sequoia-backed Insider is the world’s first integrated digital Growth Management Platform. Working with more than 450 leading brands – including UNIQLO, Singapore Airlines, SamsungVirginNew BalanceCarrefour, Dominos, ToyotaNewsweekAvonMediaMarkt, AVIS, Allianz, BBVA, IKEA, McDonald’s, Tokopedia and CNN – across 20 countries, Insider enables digital marketers to drive growth across all channels and at every stage of the customer journey, from acquisition and activation through to revenue and retention (AARR).

One of the core things that Insider does well is to unify customer data across channels, enabling businesses to segment users with advanced AI technologies and deliver powerful cross-channel personalization.

World’s top brands trust Insider’s AI-powered Mobile Marketing Platform to drive their digital growth 

At the forefront of emerging tech for mobile personalization, Insider is a truly mobile-first company. Around 80% of traffic comes from mobile web, but only 20% of conversions happen on this channel. Insider is focused on closing that gap, enabling businesses to create more immersive experiences that drive growth on mobile web throughout the funnel.

Insider’s Growth Management Platform is constantly evolving, ensuring brands deliver experiences at the speed of customer expectations. The latest additions to the platform include Maven: an AI-powered technology that guides mobile web visitors to discover and buy what they are looking for with intelligent predictive recommendations; and InStory: a feature inspired by Instagram and Snapchat that brings the power of stories to mobile websites as a new way to engage and convert mobile web audiences.

Insider is also leading the way when it comes to mobile app personalization, helping marketers improve user experiences. The platform includes a feature-rich app suite that gives app owners easy access to the very latest in push and in-app messaging technology.

Moving in-app, Content Optimizer can be used to easily test in-app variables such as layouts, sliders, menu order and much more for different micro segments, without the need to constantly develop code and release new updates. Insider, with its agile focus on emerging technologies, has also developed the world’s first social-proof technology for mobile apps.

Insider’s latest addition to its AI-powered mobile app predictive segments, including Likelihood to Uninstall (LTU) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). These algorithms help mobile app marketers differentiate high-value users from window shoppers, predict the future lifetime value of users and how likely they are to uninstall. This way, marketers can run precision-targeted remarketing ads, which drives loyalty and retention.

Hande Cilingir, CEO, Insider, said: “We strongly believe that we are seeing a shift towards mobile-first and messaging-first markets. We have been innovating and redefining how personalization is done for the small screen with thoughtful UX and Machine Learning. Our continued focus will be to enable marketers to leverage the tremendous opportunity to boost revenue and deliver consistent experiences on mobile.” 

Insider’s Growth Management Platform (GMP) has an average rating of 4.6/5 on G2. Here’s what Insider’s customers are saying about the platform:

“Insider’s Predictive segments for Mobile has helped us garner data that proved extremely valuable for our mobile efforts. We are now able to act on users’ behavior through predictive segments, something we were not able to do before. As a result, we are able to build marketing campaigns that have shown great results for our mobile website and application.”

“With Insider we are have been able to tailor distinct and engaging experiences for our customers on 1:1 basis on mobile devices. Insider’s AI based mobile visitor segmentation has allowed us to find the right set of people to target — which set of people are high-value customers, which set needs to be added to our customer nurturing program, doubtful customers, new prospects and more. Overall this led to, as we said, more revenue for the business and lower churn.”

Read all Insider reviews here.

Using Insider, brands can harness the power of Predictive Ad Audiences to create AI-powered predictive segments. These segments can be used to serve precision-targeted ads to users who display a high likelihood of converting, helping marketers optimize their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). On-site personalization and recommendations can be deployed to treat each visitor like an individual and drive conversions. At the post-purchase stage, brands can build customer loyalty through personalized push notifications and emails, encouraging repeat purchases or visits. And all this is possible with the integration of just one single line of code, meaning that digital marketers can turn their ideas into live experiences quickly and easily, with no dependence on their tech team.


SOURCE Insider

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Five Senior Executives from the Online Industries to Participate in the Executive Outlook Keynote Panel in Tech Conference Europe



Five Senior Executives from the Online Industries to Participate in the Executive Outlook Keynote Panel in Tech Conference Europe

One of the most expected panels in Tech Conference Europe will be Executive Outlook 2021, which shall host on the same stage, amazing and inspirational executives, leading the Tech, Fintech and Gaming industries. Speakers shall include Ms Gali Bloch-Liran, who is working with Israeli’s top tech start-ups and is a sought-after speaker, radio host, coach and consultant; Mr Marius Galdikas, CEO of Lithuanian based EMI ConnectPay which grows rapidly on the online markets; Mr Motti Peer, CEO of ReBlonde, a PR agency working with tech and fintech famous brands; Mr Tal Itzhak Ron, Chairman and CEO of Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., Law Firm, the top tech attorney who works with the biggest names in the online industries, and Mr Jens Podewski, CEO at Hamburg and Malta Based FinXP, a specialist in the international credit card and payment processing market. The panel will be moderated by Ms. Emily Helmer, Head of Compliance and e-Merchant Services at Tal Ron, Drihem & Co., and Mr. Genia Gurevitz, Head of Banking and Payments Services at the firm.

This special event shall discuss the topics that are relevant to the day to day executive workflow. How CEOs manage their day-to-day challenges, develop their leadership skills and balances required to scale an online venture sustainably? What leadership methodologies perform best and what makes a service provider excel in its performance, service, effectiveness and response time? All this and more in a panel which you cannot afford to miss.

Check out the full agenda, all the speakers or register here!


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Trade Show News




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#PMS2020 – The Virtual (Digital) Edition of PICANTE MARKETING Summit will take place on the 5th October and is part of Hipther Festival.

We are happy to provide you with the opportunity of attending the conference for free thanks to our Registration Sponsor, Altenar.

You can register here and explore the latest marketing techniques adopted in this interesting year, which we all call 2020!

The event gathers 30 experts who share their knowledge around compliance-related matters and updates to the +500 participants! Make sure you are one of them!

Today, we are introducing you to one of these experts whom you can hear present or moderate at PICANTE MARKETING Summit, which is now a virtual event due to the 2020 year’s challenges.

Advocate Maayan M. Dana-Nir, a seasoned e-commerce lawyer and entrepreneur has been involved in the online industries for years. Prior to pursuing her legal career with Tal Ron, Drihem and Co. 7 years ago, she has been working with Tadmor-Levy– one of Israel’s largest law firms, where she dealt with Israel’s largest payment institutions.

As a senior hi-tech and gaming attorney, she heads the Contracts department at Tal Ron, Drihem and Co., handling complex corporate matters, website compliance, drafting agreements and providing ongoing consulting to the firm’s clients. Maayan has been a speaker in Sigma Conferences, ICE, Go Gaming, DMIExpo, Affiliate Summit and iFXExpo, and advises many of the leading players in the iGaming, FX and ad-tech worldwide.

For further sponsorship/speaking and marketing inquiries, make sure to reach out to Andrada Bota (B2B Sales Executive at Hipther Agency).

For media-related inquiries, please contact Alexandru Marginean (Marketing Specialist at Hipther Agency).

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FINTECH AND AI DURING COVID19 (panel discussion) to be joined by representatives from Nasdaq, Western Union, Bankera and more at TCE2020VE



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Europe – 25 May 2020 – #tce2020ve Money is an overwhelming subject, even more so during a pandemic. Compulsive spending is a common feature of bipolar disorder and many of those who suffer from anxiety and depression use shopping to deflect negative feelings. While overall payments are being shrunk, the pandemic is giving a boost to long-delayed fintech advances. The world economy is also in danger and it seems that now more than ever, Fintech and AI are being put to good use.

At the virtual edition of TECH Conference Europe, Fintech and AI experts will join a panel discussion and highlight some of the recent developments in the fields and how these technologies are changing the status quo.

On the 9th of June at TCE2020VE, you have the opportunity to hear more about these subjects and the plans that being implemented as you are reading this news from the top experts in the field.

The “FINTECH AND AI DURING COVID19” panel discussion will be joined by Kamilė Valatkaite (Manager of General Counsel Office at Western Union), Erja Retzén (Senior Managing Director, Global Listing Services at Nasdaq), Steven Jacobson (CEO and Founder at Appinium) and Craig Grant (VP Strategic Partnerships at Bankera), and will be moderated by Stefania Barbaglio (Founder and Director at Cassiopeia Services).

Registration is free and the seats are limited, so make sure to register in time on the following link!

Visit for more details!

For further inquiries about the speaking/attending/sponsoring options, make sure to send an email to Andrada Bota (B2B Sales Executive at Hipther Agency)

For media-related inquiries, please contact Alexandru Marginean (Marketing Specialist at Hipther Agency).

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