SciBite Ontology Services Enables Life Sciences Organisations to Access Industry-leading Ontology and Biocuration Expertise

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SciBite, the award-winning semantic technology company, today announced the launch of SciBite Ontology Services – a cost-effective and efficient solution for Life Sciences organisations to flex the capacity of their data science team and extend their capabilities by leveraging SciBite’s expert ontologists and biocurators.

Clean data is necessary for next generation computational approaches, such as Artificial Intelligence, to deliver accurate results. Well curated ontologies provide the foundation to contextualise unstructured scientific text and enable it to be transformed into clean, ‘self-describing’, machine-readable data. However, the creation and maintenance of such ontologies is usually limited by the availability of internal data science resources.

“SciBite’s Ontology Services team have the unique and valuable combination of extensive industry experience, coupled with unparalleled expertise in ontology development, standards and biocuration,” says Jane Lomax, Head of Ontologies at SciBite. “We’re excited to launch SciBite’s Ontology Services to enable our customers to realise the full potential of the SciBite platform.”

Actively engaged with Life Sciences initiatives, such as Pistoia Alliance, OBO Foundry, ISB and ICBO, SciBite’s Ontology Services team provide thought leadership with a proven track record of delivering significant value across a range of different use cases, including:

  • Building new vocabularies
  • Extending SciBite vocabularies
  • Developing bespoke semantic search queries
  • Data cleansing
  • Mapping internal lists to public ontologies
  • Building gold-standard training sets for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence systems

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