12CM and LINE Taiwan Join Forces to Launch Innovative “Contactless” Service: LINE Takeout



Customers and business owners are raving about new contactless mobile services in Taiwan, a global leader in the fight against COVID-19. 12CM‘s smart stamp is enabling the most disruptive of these new services to serve customers during the global health crisis.

12CM, a FinTech and O2O service provider and a member company of the Born2Global Centre, is launching a Takeout service in the Taiwan market with LINE, the biggest mobile platform in the SEA region. 12CM has been an active member company of the Born2Global Centre since 2018.

When customers place an order via this online channel, the store receives order information and prepares all the required items before the customer visits. When the customer shows store staff their LINE mobile order, their smartphone is then stamped with the Echoss Smart Stamp for pick-up validation.

12CM has delivered a convenient and customer-friendly service by integrating their innovative technology called the “Echoss Stamp” as well as payment technology via LINE Platform API’s. Furthermore, this service has implemented a standard process for takeout service, a fairly recent innovation, in Taiwan.

Brands that were not previously dealing with online orders and pick-up services are now embarking on this business along with 12CM and LINE.

Many global brands such as Thai Town Group, Ippudo, Hi Sushi, and a world-renowned coffee brand have participated in the launch of LINE Takeout and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from many customers.

Taiwan has been a shining example of how countries should respond to the pandemic threat posed by COVID-19, with new systems and solutions being launched one after the other to not only assist in prevent the spread of the virus, but also counteract the brunt of the potential economic effects.

12CM’s Taiwan Business Department Head Joo-Hong Jee stated, “One of the hallmarks of the Taiwanese market is that trends spread rapidly, and we are already seeing how the LINE Takeout service is affecting consumer patterns.”

12CM has launched various O2O and Fintech mobile services through partnerships in 22 countries around the world, all enabled by the innovative Echoss Smart Stamp. Global Business Team lead Yenny Kim revealed, “12CM is expanding its business in markets globally based on our Fintech and O2O platform software. Besides the LINE service launch in Taiwan, 12CM is looking ahead and working with organizations such as the UN to develop new and disruptive services and prepare for the ‘new normal.'”