Fimatix Supports Workplaces where Essential and Key Workers Continue to Work On-site with Independent Track and Trace System



At a time when some essential and key workers continue to work on-site, and are unable to work from home, Fimatix is providing an independent track and trace kit developed especially for workplaces, to help organisations better manage COVID-19 risks. ‘Shield for the Workplace’ uses Bluetooth wristbands linked to a desktop control system to allow workplaces to immediately detect and isolate anyone in the workplace who has been in contact with an infected person.

While the Government’s latest guidance is that people should work from home where they can, a number of essential and key workers are continuing to work from their educational establishments, labs, factories, offices or other workplace sites as working from home is not feasible. Fimatix is using the Shield technology in a number of workplaces in the UK and the system is now being made available to other interested organisations in the UK and world-wide.

Tim Howarth, Managing Director for Financial Services, at Fimatix said: “We created ‘Shield for the Workplace’ to play a positive role in the management of risk and to give staff who need to work on-site additional reassurance. As businesses, organisations and governments work together to boost economies impacted by COVID-19, we believe this technology can help to give people more peace of mind. By allowing real time contact tracing of the entire workplace, we’re helping to ensure that everything possible is being done to make the most of a COVID-19 free work environment.”

With staff wearing Bluetooth wristbands and having been trained on the new system, ‘Shield for the Workplace’ follows three steps. Should a member of staff report feeling ill or have positive COVID-19 test results, the system administrator will be notified, log the data and the individual will be isolated as part of the first step. Step two involves cross checking the wristband ID with other wristband IDs on the ‘Shield for the Workplace’ dashboard. The organisation will then perform isolation, retesting and safety protocols as part of the third step, helping to protect the wider workplace community and minimise disruption to operations.

If contagion occurs employers can take immediate action on a risk-based approach to minimise the spread of the infection. Data can be shared with public health response teams to evidence control and can be shared with employees to mitigate concerns about continuing to work.

The ‘Shield for the Workplace’ algorithm is designed by medical experts to comply with latest Public Health England and WHO guidance on social distancing and contagion prevention. Only the business or organisations utilising the system will have access to, and manage, data relating to its staff.

Whilst the NHS test and trace and Shield work to very similar algorithms on contact tracing the technologies and approach are very different. Shield will allow employers to take control of the risk of the spread within a working environment by seeing real time data on social distancing within the workplace and take proactive steps to manage risk, rather than relying on employees to report and the NHS to contact trace impacted individuals. The two systems will work in tandem to help fight the spread of the disease.

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