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Aegros Limited proposes to issue debentures in a series of tranches up to an aggregate face value of AUD25 million for subscription by investors




SYDNEY, March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aegros Limited ACN 618 589 101 (the Issuer) proposes to issue debentures (in the form of loan notes) in a series of tranches up to an aggregate face value of AUD25 million of (Debentures) for subscription by investors (Investors). The Issuer will invest the proceeds of calls to be made under the Debentures to fund eligible non-equipment research and development expenditure under the Australian Government’s Research and Development Tax Incentive program and in the development of a biotechnology facility in Australia.

The Issuer is part of the Aegros Group, a leading biotechnology company developing better and more sustainable products to treat life threatening diseases.

The Debentures will typically be on more flexible lending terms than loan terms offered by the mainstream banks and thereby aim to achieve an enhanced return for the Investors.

The Debentures will be provided under the following tranches:

  • Tranche 1A: AUD10,000,000;
  • Tranche 1B: AUD5,000,000;
  • Tranche 2: AUD10,000,000,

and with a facility term up to 12-months.

Investors will earn 16.00% p.a. payable on drawn balances, calculated daily and paid monthly in arrears.

The Debentures will only be available to Investors who qualify as ‘wholesale clients’ for the purposes of section 761G of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act). The Issuer has appointed FC Funds Management Pty Limited ACN 161 055 152 (AFSL 431245) (FC Capital) as its intermediary under section 911A(2)(b) of the Act for the purposes of FC Capital making offers to Investors to arrange for the issue, variation or disposal of the Debentures. The Issuer may only issue, vary or dispose of such Debentures in accordance with such offers, provided they are accepted.

FC Capital is a leading alternative asset management firm based in Australia with expertise in private credit and specialty real estate and has provided unique investment offerings to wholesale and sophisticated investors in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe for over 12 years.

The Issuer is seeking expressions of interest from prospective Investors for participation in the proposed Debenture issue to be undertaken in early to mid-2024.

A summary of the proposed Debenture issue is provided below.

For expressions of interest and further information, interested Investors are invited to contact Kieran McKee on +61 2 9072 9474 or at [email protected]. Interested Investors should also notify the scale of their prospective interest in the Debenture issue and any terms / conditions required in relation to that prospective investment. 

The information provided in this Request for Expressions of Interest is general information only and does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any Investor or potential Investor. Persons considering acquiring Debentures should obtain independent advice tailored to their personal circumstances before making any investment decision in relation to the Debentures. The Issuer has been appointed by FC Capital as its corporate authorised representative under its Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) for the purposes of issuing this Request For Expression of Interest. The Issuer does not hold an AFSL and is not itself licensed to provide financial product advice in relation to an investment in Debentures. Investors considering making an investment in Debentures should read this document carefully before making a decision to acquire Debentures.  No cooling off rights apply in relation to the issue of Debentures.

 Summary of the Proposed Debenture Issue


The Issuer / Borrower

Aegros Limited


Aegros Therapeutics Pty Limited ACN 003 131 548

Aegros Engineering Pty Limited ACN 623 563 100

Aegros Membranes Pty Limited ACN 624 585 299

Aegros Advanced Adhesives Pty Ltd ACN 670 911 403


and all subsequently established subsidiaries of the Borrowers subject to a 95% EBITDA and 95% Total Assets Guarantor Coverage test


All Borrowers, Guarantors, and subsidiaries of Aegros Limited

The Arranger

FC Funds Management Pty Limited ACN 161 055 152


Facility Tranche 1

Senior Secured R&D & Working Capital Facility

Facility Tranche 2

Senior Secured R&D & Working Capital Accordion Facility

Security Ranking

The Facility will be first ranking senior secured over all Borrowers and all subsidiaries subject to a 95% EBITDA and 95% Total Assets Guarantor Coverage test

Facility Limit

AUD25,000,000 (twenty-five million dollars)

Tranche 1 Limit

AUD15,000,000 (fifteen million dollars)

Tranche 1A Sub-Limit

AUD10,000,000 (ten million dollars)

Tranche 1B Sub-Limit

AUD5,000,000 (five million dollars)

Tranche 2 Limit

AUD10,000,000 (ten million dollars)

Facility Term

12 months from first drawdown

Financial Close

The date upon which all Conditions Precedent are met or waived by the Investors at their absolute discretion


To fund accrued non-equipment R&D Tax Offset Refunds (R&DTOR) available to the Borrower from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and fund the completion of the HaemaFrac ® facility at 6 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113, Australia

Facility Currency


Investors may elect to provide their commitments in either AUD or USD with formal documentation to incorporate relevant mechanisms and may include provision to the Borrower of both AUD and USD tranches

Facility Tranche 2 Mechanism


The Borrower must in the first instance approach existing Investors to provide the Tranche 2 Facility on the same terms and conditions as Facility Tranche 1. The existing Investors will have 4 weeks to provide credit approvals to the Borrower. If Investors do not provide approvals within this timeframe, the Borrower may approach new Investors to provide the facility

Borrowing Base


Availability is subject to the Borrowing Base calculated as follows:

  • A – (B + C) + D + E = F
  • A = 85% of the non-equipment R&DTOR which has been accrued but not yet received as detailed in the Review Letter.
  • B = Current outstanding of the Facility
  • C = Any clawback amount advised by the ATO or taxes otherwise due to the ATO.
  • D = Orderly Liquidation Value of Property, Plant & Equipment per the Valuation Report
  • E = 5% of the total Share Capital as at the date of the Utilisation Request
  • F = The amount available for drawdown


Available for drawdown until 30th September 2024 subject to Conditions Precedent to Drawdown and the Borrowing Base being satisfied


Tranche 1A is to be fully drawn at Financial Close


Tranche 1B is subject to the Borrower raising an additional USD$5 million minimum equity capital by 31st March 2024

Tranche 2 is subject to the Borrower raising an additional USD$15 million by 30th June 2024


The Borrower may repay the Facility upon giving no less than 2 Business Days’ notice. Any repayment shall be subject to a minimum of AUD1,000,000


All repayment amounts will be a cancellation of the Facility Limit and not available for redraw

Interest & Fees

Arranging Fee

1.00% (plus GST) of the Tranche 1 Limit payable on Financial Close to Investors

Interest Rate

16.00% per annum payable on drawn balances, calculated daily and paid monthly in arrears

Unutilised Commitment Fee

2.95% per annum payable to Investors on the undrawn balance of the Tranche 1B Sub-Limit, calculated daily and paid monthly in arrears

Default Interest

Interest Rate plus 2.00% per month on drawn balances for periods in which an Event of Default is subsisting

Minimum Earn

The Facility is subject to a minimum earn of 9 months interest on the Tranche 1 Limit (the Minimum Earn doesn’t include any amount received in relation to the Arranging Fee, Work Fee and Due Diligence Fee)

Cessation of Business Fee


If the Borrower ceases business and an administrator or liquidator is appointed, a fee equivalent to 10% of the Facility Limit at the time of appointment will be payable to the Investors and become senior secured debt

Review Events & Events of Default

Review Events

The occurrence of a Review Event will automatically facilitate a 14-day review and discussion period between the Borrowers and Investors. If at the end of this 14-day period, the Investors acting reasonably are not satisfied with the outcome of these discussions, they may declare all monies due and payable subject to a notice period of 7 days

Events of Default


The occurrence of an Event of Default, subject to remedy period of 10 Business Days where the breach is capable of remedy, will entitle the Investors to declare that the amounts owing are immediately due and payable and/or its obligations under the Facility are terminated

Security & Documentation



  • First ranking General Security Agreement (GSA) over all Borrowers and all subsidiaries. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes a charge or control over the Payment Account;
  • Mortgage of Lease over the property at 6 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113, Australia;
  • Consent to Mortgage of Lease over the property at 6 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113, Australia; and
  • Directors’ fraud indemnity


Condition(s) Precedent

The following conditions are to be met ahead of completion

  • Satisfactory due diligence
  • Perfected GSA over the Borrower, Guarantors, and subsidiaries
  • Entry in final Facility Agreement and security documents

Condition(s) Precedent to each drawdown


The following conditions are to be met ahead of each drawdown:

  • no Events of Default, potential Event of Default or Review Event is in subsistence


Other matters

The legal documentation will include other issues not covered above that are normal for lending facilities of this type, including but not limited to:

  • Representations and warranties
  • Positive and negative undertakings; and
  • Rights for the Investor to syndicate or assign some or all of the Facility to a third-party

Governing Law

New South Wales, Australia


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Fintech PR

Invitation to presentation of EQT AB’s Q1 Announcement 2024




STOCKHOLM, April 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EQT AB’s Q1 Announcement 2024 will be published on Thursday 18 April 2024 at approximately 07:30 CEST. EQT will host a conference call at 08:30 CEST to present the report, followed by a Q&A session.

The presentation and a video link for the webcast will be available here from the time of the publication of the Q1 Announcement.

To participate by phone and ask questions during the Q&A, please register here in advance. Upon registration, you will receive your personal dial-in details.

The webcast can be followed live here and a recording will be available afterwards.

Information on EQT AB’s financial reporting

The EQT AB Group has a long-term business model founded on a promise to its fund investors to invest capital, drive value creation and create consistent attractive returns over a 5 to 10-year horizon. The Group’s financial model is primarily affected by the size of its fee-generating assets under management, the performance of the EQT funds and its ability to recruit and retain top talent.

The Group operates in a market driven by long-term trends and thus believes quarterly financial statements are less relevant for investors. However, in order to provide the market with relevant and suitable information about the Group’s development, EQT publishes quarterly announcements with key operating numbers that are relevant for the business performance (taking Nasdaq’s guidance note for preparing interim management statements into consideration). In addition, a half-year report and a year-end report including financial statements and further information relevant for investors is published. Finally, EQT also publishes an annual report including sustainability reporting.

Olof Svensson, Head of Shareholder Relations, +46 72 989 09 15
EQT Shareholder Relations, [email protected]

Rickard Buch, Head of Corporate Communications, +46 72 989 09 11
EQT Press Office, [email protected], +46 8 506 55 334

This information was brought to you by Cision,c3956826

The following files are available for download:

Invitation to presentation of EQT AB’s Q1 Announcement 2024,c3285895

EQT AB Group


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Kia presents roadmap to lead global electrification era through EVs, HEVs and PBVs



  • Kia drives forward transformation into ‘Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider’
  • Roadmap enables Kia to proactively respond to uncertainties in mobility industry landscape, including changes in EV market
  • Company to expand EV line-up with more models; enhance HEV line-up to manage fluctuation in EV demand
    • Goal to sell 1.6 million EVs annually in 2030, introducing 15 models
    • PBV to play a key role in Kia’s growth, targeting 250,000 PBV sales annually by 2030 with PV5 and PV7 models
  • Kia to invest KRW 38 trillion by 2028, including KRW 15 trillion for future business
  • 2024 business guidance : KRW 101 tln in revenue with KRW 12 tln in operating profit; operating profit margin of 11.9% on sales of 3.2 million units globally
  • CEO reaffirms Kia’s commitment to ESG management

SEOUL, South Korea, April 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Kia Corporation (Kia) today shared an update on its future strategies and financial targets at its CEO Investor Day in Seoul, Korea.

Based on its innovative achievements in the years since the announcement of mid-to-long-term business initiatives, Kia is focusing on updating its 2030 strategy announced last year and further strengthening its business strategy in response to uncertainties across the global mobility industry landscape.

During the event, Kia updated its mid-to-long-term business strategy with a focus on electrification, and its PBV business. Kia reiterated its 2030 annual sales target of 4.3 million units, including 1.6 million units of electric vehicles (EVs). The 2030 4.3 million annual sales target is 34.4 percent higher than the brand’s 2024 annual goal of 3.2 million units.

The company also plans to become a leading EV brand by selling a higher percentage of electrified models among its total sales, including hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and battery EVs, projecting electrified model sales of 2.48 million units annually or 58 percent of Kia’s total sales in 2030.

“Following our successful brand relaunch in 2021, Kia is enhancing its global business strategy to further the establishment of an innovative EV line-up and accelerate the company’s transition to a sustainable mobility solutions provider,” said Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia. “By responding effectively to changes in the mobility market and efficiently implementing mid-to-long-term strategies, Kia is strengthening its brand commitment to the wellbeing of customers, communities, the global society, and the environment.”

Photo –

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BioVaxys Technology Corp. Provides Bi-Weekly MCTO Status Update




VANCOUVER, BC, April 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — BioVaxys Technology Corp. (CSE: BIOV) (FRA: 5LB) (OTCQB: BVAXF) (the “Company“) is providing this bi-weekly update on the status of the management cease trade order granted on February 29, 2024 (the “MCTO“), by its principal regulator, the Ontario Securities Commission (the “OSC“), under National Policy 12-203 – Management Cease Trade Orders (“NP 12-203“), following the Company’s announcement on February 21, 2024 (the “Default Announcement“), that it was unable to file its audited annual financial statements for the year ended October 31, 2023, its management’s discussion and analysis of financial statements for the year ended October 31, 2023, its annual information form for the year ended October 31, 2023, and related filings (collectively, the “Required Annual Filings“). Under National Instrument 51-102, the Required Annual Filings were required to be made no later than February 28, 2024.

As a result of the delay in filing the Required Annual Filings, the Company was unable to file its interim financial statements for the three months ended January 31, 2024, its management’s discussion and analysis of financial statements for the three months ended January 31, 2024, and related filings (collectively, the “Required Interim Filings“). Under National Instrument 51-102, the Required Interim Filings were required to be made no later than April 1, 2024.

The Company anticipates filing the Required Annual Filings by April 30, 2024. The auditor of the Company requires additional time to complete its audit of the Company, including the Company’s recent acquisition of all intellectual property, immunotherapeutics platform technologies, and clinical stage assets of the former IMV Inc. that closed on February 16, 2024. In addition, the Company anticipates filing the Required Interim Filings immediately after the filing of the Required Annual Filings.

Except as herein disclosed, there are no material changes to the information contained in the Default Announcement. In addition, (i) the Company is satisfying and confirms that it intends to continue to satisfy the provisions of the alternative information guidelines under NP 12-203 and issue bi-weekly default status reports for so long as the delay in filing the Required Annual Filings and/or Required Interim Filings is continuing, each of which will be issued in the form of a press release; (ii) the Company does not have any information at this time regarding any anticipated specified default subsequent to the default in filing the Required Annual Filings and Required Interim Filings; (iii) the Company is not subject to any insolvency proceedings; and (iv) there is no material information concerning the affairs of the Company that has not been generally disclosed.

About BioVaxys Technology Corp.

BioVaxys Technology Corp. (, a biopharmaceuticals company registered in British Columbia, Canada, is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to improving patient lives with novel immunotherapies based on the DPX™ immune-educating technology platform and it’s HapTenix© ‘neoantigen’ tumor cell construct platform, for treating cancers, infectious disease, antigen desensitization, and other immunological fields. The Company’s clinical stage pipeline includes maveropepimut-S which is in Phase II clinical development for advanced Relapsed-Refractory Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) and platinum resistant ovarian cancer, and BVX-0918, a personalized immunotherapeutic vaccine using it proprietary HapTenix© ‘neoantigen’ tumor cell construct platform which is soon to enter Phase I in Spain for treating refractive late-stage ovarian cancer. The Company is also capitalizing on its tumor immunology know-how and creation of a unique library of T-lymphocytes & other datasets post-vaccination with its personalized immunotherapeutic vaccines to utilize predictive algorithms and other technologies to identify new targetable tumor antigens. BioVaxys common shares are listed on the CSE under the stock symbol “BIOV” and trade on the Frankfurt Bourse (FRA: 5LB) and in the US (OTCQB: BVAXF). For more information, visit and connect with us on X and LinkedIn.


Signed “James Passin
James Passin, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +1 646 452 7054

Logo –

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