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Norque to Launch First Blazing Fast, Secure AI and ML-Enabled Blockchain, DEX, CEX, Instant Payment via Cryptocurrency Application and Real Usability Coin/Token with Insurance Integration for Users and Stakeholders



Norque for Security, Usability, Accessibility and Sustainability for Blockchain, Web3, Cryptocurrency, Metaverse and Physical world by integrating Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning technology and Risks Mitigation offerings.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Norque is coming with its ICO around April/May 2024 introducing a pioneering ecosystem that merges blockchain, AI, ML, cryptocurrency, and insurance, marking a first in the sector. Norque aims to bring security, usability, accessibility, and sustainability to the blockchain, Web3, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse.

In response to the cryptocurrency market’s volatility and high-profile failures, Norque presents a novel approach by offering a digital currency with real-world value. Unlike previous projects that pursued fleeting fame LUNA, Doge and FTX, Norque focuses on providing actual utility backed by tangible assets, such as real estate and consumer goods.

Norque’s foundation is built on expertise from blockchain professionals, financial market experts, AI specialists, and global influencers. It introduces the first AI and ML-driven blockchain tailored for insurance claim settlements, enhancing efficiency and accessibility. Additionally, the project launches NOQ, a token underpinned by real-world assets, enabling purchases across blockchain, crypto, metaverse, and insurance services. 


A standout feature is the introduction of the first Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and a unique Centralized Exchange (CEX) with integrated insurance capabilities and AI and ML functionalities. These platforms are designed to redefine reliability and functionality in decentralized and centralized finance.

Norque’s comprehensive insurance solutions cater to crypto investors, institutions, exchanges, and metaverse participants, addressing the critical need for risk mitigation in the crypto space. This initiative aims to boost confidence and stability, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

The project also unveils an application facilitating seamless crypto payments and currency conversions, empowering users to make purchases ranging from daily necessities to significant assets with cryptocurrency. Certik certification is in process.

P. Nakamoto himself, in a guest show, highlights the project’s ambition to exceed the practical applications of predecessors by leveraging real-world asset backing and addressing market volatility through innovative risk mitigation strategies. Norque’s introduction is timely, aiming to foster stability and promote wider adoption amid the challenges faced by the crypto and metaverse sectors.

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