How to Save Over 250 Hours Per Year on Emails and Lower Your Stress

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Double Gemini, a corporate productivity consulting and training company that works with Fortune 500 companies to improve workplace efficiency, has today launched a free, online, email productivity masterclass. The class teaches individuals the world’s most cutting-edge email productivity methodology: The Stack Method™, which saves clients over 250 hours per year, per employee.

The step-by-step guide to implementing The Stack Method™ is taught in a series of 9 short video lessons that is applicable to users of all email platforms including Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail and more. This masterclass helps individuals handle their overflowing inboxes, become more organized, and process emails faster. Recent clients have saved over 75% of their email time by adopting The Stack Method™ and have reported being less stressed and more productive with their other work as a result.

The Stack Method™ was developed by Prasanth Nair, CEO of Double Gemini, to efficiently handle the 200+ emails he was receiving per day. “I created techniques to handle my own email overwhelm and clients started noticing how well I managed my inbox and my emails.” says Nair. “People started to ask me to teach them my process, and it evolved into The Stack Method™. We’ve now been teaching The Stack Method™ to corporate clients for years.”

Craig Agutter, Head of E-Commerce at an international FinTech Company said, “The Stack Method™ unpicked ten and a half years of awful email habits that I had gotten into. It has changed my life overnight. To say it is a game changer is an understatement. It’s a life changer. It has totally changed the way I work.”

For corporations, Double Gemini offers in-person, interactive workshops to teach and build the Stack Method™ habit. To help organizations create a lasting cultural change, Double Gemini also provides post-workshop coaching and implements processes to support on-going productivity education and adoption. To learn more about The Stack Method™view the short trailer or access the free masterclass visit


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