New Path, New Brand — Secret behind 20% Annual Growth

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Vintex, the brand for the company’s corporate and institutional client services was launched by Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. at the 2019 Global Industry and Capital Forum. The event brought together experts from academia, finance and industries to share their insights on global industry and investment trends.

The Corporate and Institutional Client Services System has set a new milestone for the securities company’s global strategy. Once launched, the brand has attracted attention immediately.

Guotai Junan started to build the Corporate and Institutional Client Services System since 2016. The company, benchmarking itself against top global players, has become a leading Chinese investment bank dedicated to providing global clients with excellent comprehensive services. It has broken away from previously license-based on separation of business activities and formed a service model which features interaction and coordination between services, products, processes, teams and systems and which adds value to clients. Those efforts have redefined the ideas, practices, logic and boundaries of the company’s corporate and institutional client services.

Targeting clients’ needs. The Corporate and Institutional Client Services System under the Vintex brand aims to facilitate client growth throughout the lifecycle with over 50 solutions under eight client categories. Vintex provides stop service across a wide range of sectors and asset classes.

Online-offline coordination. Vintex meets client demands through a global network and online-offline coordination. Wherever they are, clients may access the company’s professional services and insights from experts and industry leaders via the Vintex APP and Matrix platform.

Leading tech platforms. The Corporate and Institutional Client Services System, based on client needs in a variety of scenarios, has developed ten tech platforms including Intelligent Client Services, Multi-layered Trading, Global Market Information, Multi-asset Investment Research, AI Big Data, Smart Operation Management, Risk Analysis and Management, Manager Services, Stock Index Services, and Performance Analysis. The brand has been constantly expanding its boundaries and applying fintech to offer elevated client services.

Clients will witness the interaction between industries and capital, access forward-looking insights into the global capital markets, and be served with technology and professionalism through Vintex.


SOURCE Guotai Junan Securities