DCI Remembers Grady Hopper

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Data Center Inc. (DCI), the privately-owned developer of iCore360® core banking software and related technologies, announced the death of past president, Grady Hopper, at the age of 84. Hopper was DCI President from 1977-1996.

John Jones, DCI President and CEO said, “Grady Hopper laid a strong foundation for growth and innovation for DCI. And he was good at finding the right people to provide the best programming, networking, sales and customer service in the industry.”

Hopper worked in the banking, correspondent banking, and computer industries for nearly 20 years at companies like the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Commercial National Bank of Kansas City, and Information Systems Development, Inc., prior to being hired by DCI in 1977.

As the second president for DCI, Hopper rapidly grew DCI in the 1980s, adding customers across Kansas and expanding services with new technology.

Under Hopper’s direction DCI introduced its own, exclusive ATM network and opened some of the industry’s first remote facilities to capture, access and transmit data via an online network to banks in multiple states. New products and services, and the equipment to drive them, were added throughout the system.

DCI became known throughout the country as a progressive, innovative provider of bank data processing services. DCI grew from a client base of 22 banks to serving over 200 banks under Hopper’s direction.

Keith Hughes, DCI Chairman, said of Hopper, “DCI is the success it is today, based largely on the contributions and insights Grady Hopper brought to this company during the nearly 20 years he served as president.”