A Must-Read True Crime Novel in 2022: Encoded by R.W. Gates


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – May 10, 2022) – Thriller author R.W. Gates keeps audiences spellbound with his latest true-crime novel, Encoded. This haunting tale is based on actual events and includes solutions to mysterious codes that have baffled decryption experts for more than half a century. Plus, Encoded offers brand new insights into high-profile predators like the infamous Charles Manson and the Zodiac Killer.

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It’s been said the code was never deciphered. That’s not true.

Written in the style of a memoir, Encoded begins with a horrific crime when Gates loses a friend to an unspeakable act of violence. With his father immersed in another case of a missing girl who vanished from nearby Horicon Lake, Gates slowly unravels a seemingly unrelated web of mysteries that traces its epicenter to his rural town, Lakehurst, NJ. The Hindenburg disaster made the region famous, but the emergence of the Zodiac Killer and a deadly Blue Angels crash ensured that it would never be forgotten.

In addition to the complex plot and intriguing historical elements, Encoded sits on a strong foundation of scientific research. While working on the Zodiac case, the author developed the Razor Data Funnel (RDF), which allowed him to decipher the previously unbroken Somerton Man Code. RW Gates determined the code to be steeped in espionage as it outlines why the unknown, untraceable dead man appeared out of nowhere on Somerton beach. Gates shares how the RDF can be applied to solve complicated problems believed to be impossible to overcome. Encoded includes a detailed explanation of the research involved in cracking the Somerton Man Code and spells out how the Zodiac Hoax was successfully executed through deception and trickery.

Critical thinkers who enjoy the challenge of a paradox will find much to appreciate in Gates’s work. Reviewers applaud the way Encoded ties together major historical events and questions the official narrative of what’s considered reality, stating, “Gates pulls the reader down the rabbit hole from the first chapter… and I couldn’t find my way out until the end.”

Unlike other true crime books, Encoded draws upon Gates’s extensive experience as an investigator and passes along his most meaningful lessons to teach readers about key problem-solving techniques. For nearly 70 years, decryption experts agreed that the Somerton Man Code was impossible to solve. Encoded proves that only those who learn to see the invisible can break the barriers of possibility.

Encoded is available for purchase on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold.

R.W. Gates is the author of Encoded. With his father and his eldest son both serving in military intelligence, Gates has maintained a lifelong interest in discovering the truth and pulling the string of historical enigmas. He has worked with the FBI on high-profile cases such as the recently solved Golden State Killer case and developed his own code-breaking methods inspired by the concept of Occam’s Razor. Watch the Encoded video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/urNB0Md5fLQ.


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