One of the Best Science Fiction Novels to Read in 2022 Is The Operations of SUBWAY and Its Soldiers by L. A. Williams


New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – May 25, 2022) – Author L. A. Williams continues to impress audiences with the haunting atmosphere and adventurous spirit of The Operations of SUBWAY and Its Soldiers. With masterful world-building and a relatable hero, this standout novel is classic science fiction with an unbeatable modern flair.

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There is always more going on than what you think you understand…

In The Operations of SUBWAY and Its Soldiers, an island that can’t be found makes the perfect hiding place for all the secrets and sins of those who happen to stumble upon it. The island is a war zone where slavery, advanced weapons, and experiments make up the fabric of its illicit society. A young man named Leonardo is taken to the island, where he must rely on his newfound friends and a group known only as SUBWAY to get him home. He watches the days and soldiers pass, wondering if he’ll be drawn into the conflict or simply disappear as the latest thing lost to the mystery of the island.

Readers over the age of 12 will enjoy the unpredictable cast of characters and unique technology featured on the island. In addition to the violence and adventure, Williams’s work contains deeper themes of friendship and resilience that add a layer of complexity to this compelling story.

Reviewers describe The Operations of SUBWAY and Its Soldiers as “well thought out” and “superb.” Williams hopes that his work will encourage readers to consider what they truly know and how much of reality is open to interpretation.

Interested readers can purchase The Operations of SUBWAY and Its Soldiers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Walmart.

L.A. Williams is a science fiction author with a lifelong love of writing. After working at Subway for seven years and serving in the military for nine, he was inspired to share his personal experiences in an extraordinary way by incorporating them into his stories.


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