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Latest news about virtual TECH Conference Series Spring Edition (30 March) and the in-person TECH Meetup Baltics (11 May, Vilnius)




  • TECH Conference Series: Spring Edition will be hosted virtually on 30 March and gathers a global audience
  • TECH Meetup Baltics will be hosted in person on 11 May in Vilnius, Lithuania and aims to become a yearly gathering of the major Baltic tech industries

At Hipther Agency, we are excited to announce two great opportunities for European tech enthusiasts, tech company leaders and tech savvy individuals who are interested to attend/watch forward thinking discussions.

Virtual Event

The first opportunity is going to be held online and you are invited to join the virtual TECH Conference Series: Spring Edition on 30 March.

The virtual conference agenda revolves around pan-European discussions such as Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Travel and many other trending topics.

Some of the leading minds of the above-mentioned industries will share their latest updates and views of the future. Among them, you can find:

  • Shariq Hashmi – Founder at ZedXe Ecosystem
  • James Simpson – Founder & Director at Coppercandle
  • Konrad Gill – Founder and Creative Director of ViARsys
  • Dr. Arthur Stadler – Attorney at Law & Partner at STADLER VÖLKEL
  • Dr. Jonas Soluk – Postdoctoral Fellow – Department of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology at Stockholm School of Economics
  • Rufus Lidman – Board Member at AIAR EdTech PTE Ltd
  • David Stancel – CTO & CIO at Fumbi
  • Felix Negoita Head of Artificial Intelligence at CryptoDATA Tech
  • Dean Rakic – Chief Scientist at TAAL Distributed Technologies
  • Martin Stoefler – Co-Founder & Compliance Expert at OSM Solutions
  • …and many more

The event is free to attend, all you have to do is register here to receive the access details.

You can view the schedule here:


In-person Conference

In the second part of the first semester, you are invited to join an in-person summit in the Baltic region where you can meet up with the local tech companies for a full day or discussions and networking.

The inaugural TECH Meetup Baltics will take place on 11 May at Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel, Vilnius (Lithuania).

TECH Meetup Baltics is designed to bring together innovation with compliance via several panel discussions that are always attended by the top leading and emerging company representatives.

Top fintech regulators, blockchain experts and AI development leaders are joining the speakers’ roster and will share some of the most exclusive updates about the Baltic region for the attending audience.

Among the already confirmed regulatory bodies, you can find Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority, Lithuanian Ministry of Finance, and the Latvian Financial and Capital Market Commission. Key advisers of central bank of the Republic of Lithuania are also going to share the latest predictions and developments, thus you should expect to meet high-level attendees and quality networking.


View the program | Get your tickets / Register | Venue & Accommodation

Among the already confirmed speakers’ you can find:

  • Anna Pavlovska – CEO at Arlig Pay
  • Mari-Liis Kukk – Head of the Innovation Department at the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority
  • Viktorija Ratomskė – Group CMO at SME Finance
  • Vilma Mačerauskienė – Director of the Financial Markets Policy Departament – Ministry of Finance Lithuania
  • Jovita Gabnienė – Associate partner | Attorney at Law at WALLESS
  • Rosvaldas Krušna – Advisor to the board member of the Bank of Lithuania
  • Arnas Liauksminas – Associate at Ellex
  • Liudas Kanapienis – Co-founder and CEO of Ondato
  • Vilius Jastremskas – Chief Partnership Officer at Lympo
  • Juozas Kaminskas – Business Operations & Country Manager at Simplex
  • Simas Simanauskas – Partnerships Director at ConnectPay

Many more are going to announced in the coming weeks, but you are invited to visit the conference agenda for panel discussion and networking times on the following link:

The event is limited to in 100 in-person delegates and you can register here.

The organizers have also prepared special combo packages that also include accommodation at the official hotel.

Sustainable future

While recycling and reusing certain materials at the conferences are important steps towards achieving sustainability, we are also sending a clear message about how conference organizers can directly impact the conservation of the planet’s ecosystem and biodiversity.


The events hosted by the #hipthers have always been applauded by the participants, and one of the strong points was the attention to the smallest details. Among the small details are the coffee breaks and complimentary buffet lunch.

While some might still argue, but meat-eating is one of the biggest environmental hazards facing our planet. We have switched to fully plant-based menus in 2020 and will continue this path with the return of the in-person conference. Our initiative has the full support of the venues in which the conferences are hosted and is considered to be a great idea by hotel managers who are already working on delicious plant-based meals for the delegates to enjoy in Prague, Vilnius, Berlin, Milan, and Budapest.

Hybrid time

While possible travel restrictions might still occur in 2022, all the conference will also be available in the virtual format for industry professionals to be up to date with the content and starting 2022 can additionally be accessed in the hiptherverse.

Hipther Agency is the parent brand of European Gaming, PICANTE, WireUp Zone, and Gaming Americas, eSports Connect, the HIPTHER news app and the WireUp networking app, both found on the Play Store.

To receive constant updates from Hipther Agency and conference agenda updates, subscribe here:


For sponsorship/speaking inquiries, make sure to reach out to Andrada Marginean (B2B Sales Manager at Hipther Agency) at [email protected]

For media-related inquiries, please contact Alexandru Marginean (Marketing Specialist at Hipther Agency) at [email protected]

Hipther Agency press contacts:

Zoltan Tuendik, Head of Business
[email protected], +40 735 559 234

Alex Marginean, Marketing Specialist
[email protected], +40 731 394 220


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EQT to acquire Constellation Cold Logistics, the third largest cold storage owner-operator in Europe



  • Constellation Cold Logistics (“Constellation”) provides temperature-controlled storage infrastructure to a wide-range of food producers via a network of 26 storage facilities across seven countries in Western Europe and the Nordics
  • The Company offers critical food preservation services that are essential to the modern food supply chain, helping to feed the world safely while reducing food waste
  • EQT will support Constellation as it looks to further entrench its market-leading position, execute identified M&A opportunities and deliver major expansion developments within Europe

STOCKHOLM, June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — EQT is pleased to announce that the EQT Infrastructure VI fund (“EQT”) has agreed to acquire Constellation Cold Logistics (“Constellation” or the “Company”) from Arcus Infrastructure Partners. Financial details are not disclosed.

Constellation was established in 2020 by Arcus Infrastructure Partners, which brought together three businesses located in Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands. Just four years later, Constellation today owns and operates 26 large cold storage facilities across seven countries in Western Europe and the Nordics. The London headquartered firm employs 700 people and is expected to generate revenues over EUR 150 million in FY24.

Constellation provides temperature-controlled storage capacity and complementary services to a wide range of food producers, traders and retailers. Its sites are located either close to clients’ production and processing premises or near critical logistics routes to major cities, ports or food hubs. By offering warehousing and value-added services in these strategic locations in an efficient, flexible and responsive manner, Constellation provides a critical service to its customers that ensures their supply and logistics chains remain smooth and safe.

The European cold storage market features strong underlying growth of around seven percent per year, driven by multiple factors. For one, growing populations are leading to a greater demand for food. At the same time, the popularity of frozen and chilled foods is growing as the sector and customers recognize how these categories reduce food waste and improve quality. Producers are also increasingly adopting outsourcing, just-in-case supply chain strategies, and value-added services as the industry matures.

EQT will support Constellation as it works to capture this attractive market opportunity. Led by deeply experienced CEO Carlos Rodriguez, the Company has already proven its ability to successfully execute M&A, having completed ten deals in the past four years. With EQT, Constellation will be able to further expand within its existing catchment areas and enter new countries, both organically and through consolidation of the highly fragmented European market. Additional investment will be made into Constellation’s automation and digital capabilities to solidify a stronger foundation for growth.

Francesco Malvezzi, Managing Director within the EQT Value-Add Infrastructure Advisory Team, said: “Constellation is one of the leading cold storage providers in Europe with an excellent track record of growth, both organically and through M&A. It offers strong diversification across geographies, customers and end-markets and has impressive service offerings, customer focus and facilities. We’re excited to start working with Carlos and the team to help build an even stronger platform for continued growth. With EQT’s expertise in owning infrastructure companies that provide inherent essential services to society, we’ll be able to support Constellation as it works to deliver safe, quality food to people across Europe.”


Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of Constellation, said: “In four short years, Constellation, with support from Arcus, has expanded into one of the largest cold storage players in Europe, enabling our clients to benefit from enhanced accessibility and efficiency in their supply chains. We will maintain an absolute focus on responsiveness and customer service together with our commitment to sustainability on our path to net-zero. We’re excited to continue implementing our 2030 strategic plan with the support of EQT, which brings strong infrastructure experience, global scale, and deep expertise in areas like sustainability and digitalization. I’d like to thank the Arcus team for its dedication to this point but, most of all, I’d like to thank all Constellation’s employees for their hard work and continuous support as the company evolves.”

The transaction is subject to customary conditions and approval. It is expected to close in October 2024.

EQT was advised by UBS (M&A), Roland Berger (commercial), Milbank (legal), PwC (financial, tax).

With this transaction, EQT Infrastructure VI is expected to be 40 – 45 percent invested (including closed and/or signed investments, announced public offers, if applicable, and less any expected syndication) based on target fund size and subject to customary regulatory approvals.

EQT Press Office, [email protected] 


The information contained herein does not constitute an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security, and may not be used or relied upon in connection with any offer or solicitation. Any offer or solicitation in respect of EQT Infrastructure VI will be made only through a confidential private placement memorandum and related documents which will be furnished to qualified investors on a confidential basis in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The information contained herein is not for publication or distribution to persons in the United States of America. Any securities referred to herein have not been and will not be registered under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), and may not be offered or sold without registration thereunder or pursuant to an available exemption therefrom. Any offering of securities to be made in the United States would have to be made by means of an offering document that would be obtainable from the issuer or its agents and would contain detailed information about the issuer of the securities and its management, as well as financial information. The securities may not be offered or sold in the United States absent registration or an exemption from registration.

This information was brought to you by Cision–the-third-largest-cold-storage-owner-operator-in-europe,c4005344

The following files are available for download:


PR_EQT to acquire Constellation_240624,c3313766

Constellation Cold Logistics

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Reimagining Real-World Assets with Blockchain: iRA Blocks’ Bold Vision



SINGAPORE, June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — iRA Blocks, a pioneering blockchain platform for Real World Assets (RWAs), is transforming the landscape of high-value investments. The platform democratizes physical asset investments by enabling fractional ownership. This significantly lowers the barrier to entry, allowing investors with varying budgets to participate in high-value properties that were once out of reach.

For assets such as real estate, art, and luxury goods, iRA Blocks is addressing the growing demand for financial inclusion in an era where accessible investment opportunities are increasingly crucial.

“We’re working to make high-end investments more inclusive,” explains Sandeep Mule, Founder, iRA Blocks and they’re certainly making strides in this direction.

So how does it work? iRA Blocks uses blockchain to divide valuable assets, such as real estate, art, or luxury goods, into affordable, tradable units. It’s a bit like turning a $10 million property into a million $10 shares, potentially allowing a wider range of investors to participate in markets that were previously inaccessible.

But it’s not just about accessibility. This technology also aims to address some long-standing challenges in RWA trading.


For instance, it could make transactions in traditionally illiquid markets, like real estate, more streamlined and transparent. With blockchain, every transaction is recorded securely, providing a clear trail of ownership and potentially reducing disputes. This increased transparency could be a game-changer for RWA investments.

For those already involved in Web3, iRA Blocks offers an interesting bridge between digital assets and physical ones. The platform’s IRB Token serves as a utility token within the ecosystem, offering various functions and benefits.

It’s worth noting that iRA Blocks isn’t just focused on luxury. They’re also emphasizing sustainable investments, aiming to align profit with environmental responsibility.

The team behind iRA Blocks brings a wealth of experience to the table. Sandeep Mule, along with co-founders Dr. Anil Mundhe and Prakash Shinde, combine expertise in blockchain and finance to guide the project. 

They’ve already achieved several key milestones, including the launch of its IRB token on the BSC Chain, and are working towards the release of its fractional ownership platform for RWAs.


While investing in real estate and other high-value assets often involves complex legal and regulatory frameworks, iRA Blocks is actively working to navigate these challenges and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations in different jurisdictions. However, the team’s experience and the growing demand for more accessible and transparent investment opportunities suggest that iRA Blocks could be well-positioned to capitalize on the emerging trend of blockchain-powered RWA investments.

So, what’s ahead? iRA Blocks plans to expand into other physical asset classes in the future, such as art, luxury goods, and infrastructure projects. This will provide investors with a wider range of investment opportunities and potential returns. It seems the future of investment might just be more accessible and transparent than ever before.

About IRA Blocks 

iRA Blocks is a blockchain platform that enables fractional ownership of high-value RWAs such as real estate, art, and luxury goods. By tokenizing these assets, the platform allows investors to own a portion of previously inaccessible investments. 

Media Contacts: 
Sandip Mule 
Email: [email protected]



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Starlight Investments Expands UK Portfolio with Acquisition of 232-Suite Build-to-Rent Community in Dartford



TORONTO, June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Starlight Investments (“Starlight”), a leading global real estate investment and asset management firm, has exchanged on an acquisition to purchase a seven-building master-planned Build-to-Rent (“BTR”) community under development in Dartford, Kent, from Bellway London.

The 232-suite community, being completed in three phases, will feature seven mid-rise residential buildings including 163 parking spaces, and a range of high-end rental suites and layouts including studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom suites, all of which will be fully furnished. Upon completion, residents will enjoy a range of high-quality amenities and a 2,000 square foot rooftop terrace. Also being acquired is a 3,500 square foot commercial unit located within the development that will be utilized for additional amenity space in the future. The community’s design prioritizes sustainability with a low carbon energy strategy and other eco-friendly features. Additionally, residents will have direct access to a large adjacent park, offering substantial green space and family-friendly facilities.

Located centrally near the high street and Dartford station, the community is conveniently situated for commuters to London and surrounding employment hubs. Dartford, the most densely populated city in Kent, is expected to see considerable growth over the next decade.

This transaction marks another milestone in Starlight’s European residential asset management platform, which was launched last year with a focus on the UK BTR market. The addition of this new community further complements the company’s acquisitions to date in Manchester, Liverpool, Ashford and Leeds and will increase Starlight’s UK portfolio to over 1,250 suites, with an additional 1,500 suites in the development pipeline.

“We are pleased to establish Starlight’s presence in Dartford, a city with a strong heritage and direct connections to major regional employment centres,” said Daniel Drimmer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Starlight Investments. “The addition of this community is part of our broader UK expansion strategy and showcases our continued momentum in the UK’s dynamic and growing BTR market.”

About Starlight Investments

Starlight Investments is a leading global real estate investment and asset management firm with CAD $28B AUM. A privately held owner, developer and asset manager of over 68,000 multi-residential suites and over 7 million square feet of commercial property space, we offer a range of investment vehicles across various real estate strategies. Starlight’s guiding mission is to balance our tenure with visionary curiosity to create positive impact for investors and communities alike. At Starlight, we invest with impact. Learn more at or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Contacts: Jonnie Milich, Head, UK Residential, +44 -7930-373-945, [email protected]; Leslie Veiner, Chief Operating Officer, Canada & UK Residential, +1-416‑234‑8444, [email protected]; Talia Schwebel, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, +1-416‑234‑8444, [email protected]

Starlight Investments -



Cision View original content:

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