Square Strengthens Partnership with Amaka to Launch Sage Accounting Integration



Amaka and Square have extended their partnership to launch the Square point of sale integration with Sage Accounting.

This follows the successful rollout of a range of Square accounting automation solutions available globally.

“We’re proud to be working with the team at Square as an integration partner once more,” said Pedram Afshar, CEO at Amaka. “This launch will allow even more businesses in all corners of the globe to leverage automation to save time and money.”

The integration between Square and Sage will allow users to automate the entry of their Square transaction data into Sage Accounting, keeping their books up-to-date and accurate through a daily sync.

The sales sync module will initially be released across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada markets.

All features of the integration will be 100% free to all Square customers using Sage Accounting, including access to Amaka’s team of Integration Specialists, offering unlimited support.

“Entrusting Amaka with the rollout of this key integration has been a no-brainer,” said Jason Lalor, Executive Director at Square Europe. “Their best-in-class automation technology and customer-focused support maximises the partnership further and we’re excited to see the positive impact it has on businesses.”

The gold-standard integrations made by Amaka are currently being used by over 40,000 businesses and accounting professionals across the world to automate key processes.

Key features of the Square and Sage Accounting integration:

  • Taking the pain out of accounting: Seamlessly updating customers’ books – all sales and payments transactions processed through Square POS will be reconciled automatically in Sage Accounting.
  • Process sales anywhere, anytime: Combining Sage’s software with the option to add easy to use POS hardware to support cashless selling, in-person, online or over the phone.
  • Having visibility: Up to date, accurate visibility of a business’s position, easily accessed.
  • Enjoying an optimised customer experience: Ability to offer loyalty programs and delve into data to understand customer behaviour.
  • Getting support, around the clock: Customers can access unlimited support when using the integration, through a service provided by Amaka, global leader in accounting integration and automation software, which powers the connection between Sage and Square.

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