CGS-CIMB unveils Iress-enabled next generation trading mobile application



CGS-CIMB has successfully launched its next generation Contract for Differences (CFD) mobile trading application powered by Iress. The application provides round-the-clock information, allowing users to stay ahead of the dynamic shifts in the market.

The launch of the application aligns itself with CGS-CIMB’s strategic vision of providing a superior digital trading experience to users, integrated with a centralised Single Sign On digital portal. In addition, the user-friendly interface aims to empower users to make enhanced calculated decisions right at their fingertips with features such as price action strategies, news streaming, and charting.

The needs of a user-centric experience were noted by Michael Oxlade, Managing Director, and Group Head of Leverage Products at CGS-CIMB, saying, “We recognise the need to focus on a mobile-first strategy and the time-honoured trading-only application would need to evolve to a one-stop service platform to serve the modern needs of our clients. In collaboration with Iress, our mobile trading application delivers a hassle-free user experience equipped with the security features with the next generation of Single Sign On.”

Iress Managing Director – AsiaJason Hoang, said, “We are delighted to partner with CGS-CIMB for our new Iress mobile trading app launch in Singapore. Through technology, we can support CGS-CIMB’s vision of making trading simpler and deliver better performance for their clients.”

Iress’ mobile trading application is initially available in the Asia region only, with plans to expand to other regions in future.