Spool adds 3 yield-generators to its institutional-grade platform for radically simplified DeFi


Spool, the DAO platform allowing users to build seamless DeFi products for institutions and investors of all backgrounds, adds 3 new yield generators to its strategy offering. Strategy additions from leading protocols including FraxIdle, and Notional to the Smart Vault creation tool enable greater customization and choice for the Spool community to build diversified and robust yield portfolios.

DeFi platforms can often find themselves creating complicated products that only hardcore digital-assets enthusiasts can navigate. Due to DeFi’s technological and financial complexity, its adoption rate with institutional players and retail investors remains low in comparison to centralized blockchain products. But this creates a new opportunity for projects on the forefront of community-building to create simplified, user-friendly solutions to bring DeFi products to a wider audience.

“Expanding our range of strategies and Smart Vaults highlights how necessary it is for investors to have choice and variety when creating a DeFi portfolio,” says Karl-Michael Henneking, CMO at Spool. “Our new integrations show that DeFi is ready for institutions and investor communities by utilizing the ever-expanding infrastructure that Spool is providing.”

Spool expands its infrastructure to empower its user community of institutional and retail investors to build diverse, fully-customizable yield portfolios. By adding robust strategies from recognized yield aggregators, Spool users now have even greater choices in building attractive yield portfolios. Spool’s yield portfolios already allow users the benefits of automatically compounded yields in addition to risk management based on a customizable risk appetite. The added yield generators include:

  • Notional Finance

Spool has added a new financial strategy from the Ethereum-based DeFi protocol in addition to Notional creating two Smart Vaults for Spool users to join. The Notional Finance strategy provides liquidity to the NF Protocol, offering fixed interest rate loans in a borrowing mechanism without time-based lockups. In addition to regular APY, Notional distributes NOTE incentive tokens, which compound back into the strategy automatically. The Notional-DAI and Notional-USDC Smart Vaults offer the highest native stablecoin APY of any currently available strategy on Spool, in addition to a 0% Creator Fee.

  • Frax-Convex

The newly launched Frax-Convex USDC pool currently offers APY rewards for investors that implement the strategy in their portfolios. The strategy embodies Frax’s vision to create a highly-scalable, decentralized currency in place of fixed-supply digital assets. 

  • Idle Finance

Spool adds a strategy from Idle Finance to encourage active and democratized DeFi investment. The “Best Yield” aggregator strategy offers portfolio creators the best yield available on Aave and Compound.

Spool’s infrastructure perfectly suits investors looking to curate their market exposure when building bespoke DeFi products. This advanced customization and streamlined user interface enables institutions to create DeFi portfolios for themselves or to white-label their Smart Vault into their own product offering. Spool’s Smart Vault and continuously expanding platform grants access to DeFi tools previously unavailable to the everyday retail investor.

“One of the most disruptive features of DeFi is definitely its composability” says Matteo Pandolfi, CEO at Idle Finance “Having our strategies integrated by DeFi protocols like Spool is not only a win-win solution for both of our projects, but it’s the best solution for users, who can find a wide selection of products in a seamless and efficient fashion.”

“Setting up a Smart Vault with Spool is easy and intuitive,” says Teddy Woodward, CEO at Notional Finance. “Giving DeFi users the power to control their portfolio risk parameters in just a few clicks is a huge step forward for the space.”