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Payment Asia Presents Official Satellite Event at Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023: Navigating the Digital Trust in the New Era




Payment Asia, APAC’s leading payment solutions provider, successfully launched its official satellite event on Friday during Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023, which explores how traditional trust structures have evolved to meet the demands of digital asset holders, providing tax efficiency and more comprehensive solutions for Web3 industry.

The event, titled “Navigating the Digital Trust in the New Era” was hosted by Kavi Harilela, Business Director of Payment Asia, and featured esteemed panelists including Julia Charlton, Principal Partner of Charltons; Bosco Lin, Board Advisor from AUDD.Digital; Jason Magnus, Co-Founder of Khronos Holdings and Metamatic Group; and Eugene Yeung, Partner, Tax, of KPMG.

As the financial landscape rapidly embraces digitalization, the management and protection of digital assets have become paramount. With the rise of decentralized finance, individuals and businesses face new challenges in establishing trust frameworks and optimizing tax strategies. To address these emerging needs, Payment Asia has brought together industry experts for an insightful discussion during Hong Kong Fintech Week 2023.

“Digitalization has transformed the way we perceive trust and manage assets. Our event aims to shed light on the evolving nature of trust structures in the digital age and provide practical solutions for asset management in the new era,” said Kavi Harilela, Business Director of Payment Asia.

During the panel discussion, these industry experts delved into topics including establishing trust structures for digital assets, integrating Web3 payment systems, tax optimization for digital asset holders, and strategies for managing regulatory challenges.

Julia Charlton mentioned the necessity of establishing robust legal frameworks that safeguard the interests of stakeholders and clear guidance on responsibilities. Bosco Lin stated that it is important to bridge the gap between Web 3 and the traditional world with easier access to digital assets. Jason Magnus agreed with fellow panelists and added that investment opportunities in the digital asset space are expanding rapidly, and it is good timing for traditional investors to participate. Eugene Yeung emphasized the importance of tax optimization for digital asset holders and also highlighted the importance of compliance in this dynamic environment.

The event is followed by a networking session with industry professionals and fellow participants, which provides attendees with practical insights and actionable advice. Event details will be published on Payment Asia’s website and YouTube channel.

About Payment Asia
Established in 1999, Payment Asia has been committed to providing innovative online payment technology, and electronic payment solutions for SME enterprises and even multinational companies in Asia. Payment Asia prepares simple and time-saving online payment systems for customers, covering credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, and tailor-made omnichannel payment solutions for enterprises. In the past 10 years, we have actively innovated and added elements such as digital marketing, e-commerce solutions, and consulting to our business to meet the needs of merchants. Payment Asia has developed rapidly and has served more than 10,000 local and overseas merchants.

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Accura Scan, The Only Certified Biometric Solution Provider in Middle East & Africa for Banks and Telcos




Global Identity Verification and Digital KYC solutions provider, Accura Scan is pleased to announce being awarded ISO/IEC 30107-03 compliance after passing a presentation attack detection (PAD) iBeta Level 2 audit with 0% FAR, making it one of the few companies worldwide and the only in IndiaSingapore, APAC & Middle East to have such a recognition.

As part of the testing procedure to assess the performance of Accura Scan face biometric liveness system, which is already being used by clients globally, it was successfully tested with millions of data points in alpha & beta testing modes. Its algorithms were pitted against various forms of spoofing attempts, including but not limited to 3D-printed and curved masks, silicone and paper masks, and videos of real subjects.

Yasin Patel (YP), Accura Scan’s CEO & Founder, expressed great pride in the achievement, adding, “Obtaining the ISO 30107-03 standard after passing the rigorous iBeta level 2 test demonstrates the effectiveness of our solutions against spoofing attacks.” He further announced that in keeping with their motto of ‘Biometrics for All’, Accura Scan would be offering its trusted Identity Verification Suite for free to all start-ups, while established entities would be offered various modules for as little as USD 5,000 a year onwards.

Commenting on this feat, Director – International Sales, Reza Writer, added, “Ambition greater than resources is in the DNA of Accura Scan. We have achieved this feat with a very small but highly skilled & dedicated team that has executed the organizational goal beautifully.”

The ISO 30107-3 framework measures a biometric system’s false acceptance rate (FAR) and false rejection rate (FRR) at the point of presentation. Passing the evaluation with an FAR of 0%, means that the company’s biometric algorithms offer a high level of spoof resistance in all environments.

Headquartered in India, Accura Scan has been completely bootstrapped & profitable since its incorporation. It has firmly established itself in the MENA region over the last 4 years, working with some of the most esteemed Banks, Telecoms & Fintechs globally. As a part of its global strategy, it has now registered itself in Singapore, the EU, the UK, & the US. With top-notch Identity Verification & Digital KYC products, it is confident of making a mark in these markets.

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BIM Exchange integrates traditional currency option for buying and selling cryptocurrencies



BIM Exchange revolutionizes the purchase of crypto-currencies: implicity and security guaranteed

BIM Exchange, the French pioneer of crypto-currency exchange platforms, today announces a major breakthrough in the ease of access and security of crypto transactions. With its new feature, it has never been easier to buy and trade crypto-currencies, bridging the gap between the traditional Web and Web 3.0.

Integration of payments in tradtional currencies: Euro, Dollar, Pound Sterling and Swiss Franc

BIM Exchange now enables its users to buy crypto-currencies directly by bank transfer in less than 24 hours, regardless of their currency. The funds are then securely transferred to the user’s decentralized wallet, such as Ledger, TrustWallet, MetaMask or other.

This method considerably simplifies access to digital currencies, while guaranteeing maximum security.

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Monzo founder talks Prosper. Company sees incredible demand for its Crowdfund, smashing 130% of its target, raising over £785,000.




Having recently announced its crowdfund was open to the public and with a little more than a week to go, Prosper today confirmed it has hit 130% of its funding target, raising over £785,000.

The company is backed by some of the biggest names in fintech. One of those, Tom Blomfield, the founder and former CEO of digital bank Monzo, said:

“The crowdfunding community was vital to Monzo’s growth and helped us engage with our early users. Like Monzo, Prosper is a customer champion brand shaking up the wealth industry. As I invested in Prosper, it became clear that speaking to the community would also play a part in their journey. It’s only the beginning, but I’m excited to help more people prosper!”

Monzo’s first crowdfunding campaign raised just under £1m at a £30m valuation. Today, that valuation stands at “around £4 billion”, according to Sky News. With a week of its own crowdfund still to go, Prosper hopes to build on that success, already closing in on Monzo’s original raise achievement.

“We’ve been blown away by the demand we’ve seen from our community. It’s a testament to the value we can create building a customer-championing business in the world of saving and investing,” said founder and CEO Nick Perrett.

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more.

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