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Gotion High-tech’s operating profit up 391% in 2023, nearly RMB 2.8 billion invested in R&D for the year



HEFEI, China, April 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On the evening of 19 April, Gotion High-tech (002074) released its 2023 annual report. The company achieved operating revenue of RMB 31.605 billion, an increase of 37.11% YoY; operating profit of RMB 975 million, an increase of 390.92% YoY; and net profit attributable to the owner of the listed company of RMB 939 million, an increase of 201.28% YoY. The company’s net cash flows from operating activities was RMB 2.419 billion, up 201.86% YoY.

On the same day, Gotion High-tech also released its 2024 quarterly report. The company achieved revenue of RMB 7.508 billion, a YoY increase of 4.61%, and net profit attributable to the owner of the listed company after deducting non-recurring profits and losses increased by 195.26% YoY.

The report shows that Gotion High-tech’s product delivery exceeded 40GWh in 2023, with a YoY growth of more than 40%, and sales revenue including tax increased by more than 50% YoY under the situation of continuous decline in battery prices. Power battery sales revenue of RMB 23.051 billion, a YoY growth of 24.72%. Energy storage business revenue was RMB 6.932 billion, up 97.61% YoY, with the revenue share rising to 21.93%.

Gotion High-tech adheres to innovation drive, increases R&D investment, and accelerates product technology iteration. In 2023, the company’s R&D investment reached RMB 2.768 billion, a YoY increase of 14.57%. The company’s Unified Cell, 4695 cylinder cell, semi-solid punch cell and third-generation battery cell products such as L300, M600 and N300 have been recognized by the market for their excellent performance in terms of safety, energy density, power performance and service life. Among them, Gotion has been designated by Volkswagen Unified Cell globally; the energy density of the in-house developed Astroinno battery pack reaches 190Wh/kg.

In addition, Gotion High-tech continues to deepen the strategic layout of globalization. With four Pack plants in Germany, Indonesia, Thailand and Silicon Valley of the U.S. launching their products, and production bases such as in Vietnam, Chicago of the U.S., Michigan of the U.S., Slovakia, Argentina, and Indonesia progressing step by step, Gotion High-tech initially formed the layout of ten overseas bases covering materials, cells, and Pack, and realized localization of production and R&D. In 2023, Gotion achieved overseas revenue of RMB 6.428 billion, a YoY growth of 115.69%.

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