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Allfunds has partnered with Google Cloud to leverage AI-powered innovation and optimize its infrastructure.




Allfunds, a leading B2B WealthTech platform serving the fund industry, has unveiled a strategic alliance with Google Cloud.

This collaboration is poised to harness the capabilities of cloud computing, advanced data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to elevate Allfunds’ offerings and introduce innovative solutions to its vast network of Distributors and Fund Houses.

The partnership is fueled by a shared objective of delivering groundbreaking solutions to tackle the intricate challenges of fund distribution. By leveraging the prowess of Google Cloud, Allfunds aims to propel data and AI innovation, paving the way for the creation of novel financial information products and fostering growth opportunities within the industry.


Moreover, the partnership seeks to forge a secure, scalable, and sustainable technological framework to support Allfunds’ operational expansion and transition to cloud services.

The extensive network of Distributors and Fund Houses associated with Allfunds stands to gain substantial benefits from this collaboration. Fund houses will gain access to advanced data analytics tools, enabling deeper insights into investor behavior, market trends, and risk profiles.

This heightened visibility will empower fund houses to make more informed decisions regarding product development, portfolio optimization, and distribution strategies.

Similarly, distributors will experience streamlined operations, expedited access to critical data, and enhanced scalability, all facilitated by the optimized infrastructure and technological architecture powered by Google Cloud.

Juan Alcaraz, CEO and Founder of Allfunds, expressed, “At Allfunds, we are dedicated to being at the forefront of innovation, whether through internal development efforts or strategic partnerships with industry-leading experts like Google Cloud. Rooted in our WealthTech ethos, we are committed to delivering the finest tools and technology for our clients and continuing to support them on their journey of growth and success.”


Tara Brady, President of Google Cloud for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, added, “There is significant potential to revolutionize the financial services sector with cloud and AI technologies. Our collaboration with Allfunds will drive its innovation journey with Google Cloud’s AI capabilities and our secure and scalable infrastructure. Together, we will empower Allfunds’ clients with the tools and insights they need to make better-informed decisions and drive growth.”


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