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Tiger Brokers (HK) officially launches virtual asset trading services, leading the way in Hong Kong’s online brokerage industry



Effortlessly manage traditional securities and virtual assets with one app Tiger Trade: tailored to meet diverse investment needs 

  • Professional investors can now trade 18 virtual assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, through the Tiger Trade app.
  • The one-stop platform enables seamless management of traditional securities and virtual assets, fostering more flexible and diversified asset allocation strategies.

HONG KONG, May 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tiger Brokers (HK) (“Tiger Brokers (HK)” or “Tiger Brokers”) announced the launch of its virtual asset trading services, becoming one of the first online fintech brokers in Hong Kong to offer a single platform that allows trading and managing both traditional securities and virtual assets. Professional investors in Hong Kong can now use Tiger Trade, Tiger Brokers’ flagship investment app, to trade 18 virtual assets including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), alongside stocks, options, futures, US Treasury bonds, funds, and other global assets, all at an affordable cost. This eliminates the need for multiple accounts across different brokers and platforms, making global asset allocation simpler and more convenient.

John Fei Zeng, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Tiger Brokers stated: “We are honored to be among the first fintech brokerage firms in Hong Kong to introduce virtual asset trading, leading the way in meeting investors’ evolving needs. As investors’ asset allocation requirements become increasingly diverse, our expanded product portfolio will help them seize various market opportunities. Our unified trading platform allows investors to trade and manage different types of investments seamlessly, enhancing user experience and boosting investment efficiency.”

He added: “With Hong Kong’s efforts to develop into a Web3.0 hub, we are confident in its vision. Hong Kong is one of the pioneering international financial centers introducing comprehensive regulations for virtual asset and fostering a trading-friendly environment. We aspire to bolster Hong Kong’s competitiveness in the global financial landscape through our contributions.”

Secure, convenient, and affordable virtual asset trading experience

Having previously secured an upgrade to its Type 1 license conditions from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (“SFC”), Tiger Brokers is aiming to offer professional investors secure virtual asset trading services, strictly adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.

Tiger Brokers continues to offer competitive trading rates, with virtual asset trading fees at only 0.2% of the transaction value, and custody fees waived. Unlike stock trading, virtual assets are settled instantly and can be traded 24/7. All registered users in Hong Kong can view real-time quotes, as well as top gainers and losers of virtual assets, via the user-friendly Tiger Trade interface, keeping abreast of market conditions anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the Tiger Trade App enables instant T+0 exchange between Hong Kong dollars and US dollars.

Currently, Tiger Brokers’ virtual asset trading services are available only to professional investors. Eligible clients, including Hong Kong residents with over HKD 8 million in investment portfolio or corporate entities with assets exceeding HKD 40 million, can submit professional investor application on Tiger Trade. Customers also have the option to schedule an in-person visit to the Tiger Brokers office, where professional representatives will assist customers in completing the account opening and certification process. Looking ahead, Tiger Brokers plans to extend its virtual asset trading services to retail investors, subject to regulatory approval. Additionally, the company is considering the introduction of virtual asset spot withdrawal and deposit services.

Beyond virtual asset spot trading, Tiger Brokers also offers trading of U.S.-listed bitcoin spot ETFs and Hong Kong-listed spot bitcoin and ether ETFs to Hong Kong investors. Since entering the Hong Kong market just over a year ago, Tiger Brokers has won widespread acclaim from local users through the introduction of numerous innovative products and services. Recently, the SFC granted Tiger Brokers a Type 9 license for asset management services. With this, Tiger Brokers can offer a suite of asset management services, such as dedicated account services for both retail and professional investors, and collective investment scheme management for professional investors, thereby providing comprehensive support for the diverse investment needs of both retail and professional investors.

About Tiger Brokers (HK)

Tiger Brokers (HK) Global Limited (Central number: BMU940) holds type 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9 licenses of the SFC. Starting from 30th November 2022, with Tiger Trade, Tiger Brokers’ flagship app, Hong Kong users can trade financial products from major markets around the world, such as Hong Kong stocks, warrants, options, US stocks, US fractional shares and ETFs, etc., providing a one-stop solution to their investment needs. In the future, we will continue to expand our trading markets and categories to better serve Hong Kong investors.

About Tiger Brokers

Tiger Brokers (Nasdaq: TIGR), founded in 2014, is a leading online brokerage group with a focus on redefining global investing with technologies for the next generation.

Since our inception, the company has relentlessly offered a superior user experience to let everyone enjoy efficient and smart global investing, by bringing a multitude of quality financial products and services across brokerage, employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) management, investment banking, wealth management, investor community, and investor education in our pursuit of becoming a world-leading online brokerage group.

We strive to elevate financial technology R&D to a new level. While we inherit the best traditions from the financial sector and blend them with the best minds of tech experts, we develop our own technology infrastructure—an aggregation that enables multi-currency trading of various products across markets, guaranteeing our reliable, secure, and scalable services accessible to all with low latency.

Currently, we serve over 10 million users and over 2 million account holders worldwide on our flagship platform “Tiger Trade”, own 78 licenses and qualifications in different markets, and have over 1,000 employees on the team in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, the US, Australia, and Mainland China. In 2019, the company was listed on Nasdaq as UP Fintech Holding Limited under the ticker TIGR.      

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Teal secures $8M seed funding for groundbreaking accounting solution




Teal has announced a significant milestone in its journey to transform SMB accounting with the closure of an $8 million seed funding round.

According to TechFundingNews, the company, which focuses on providing accounting infrastructure for Vertical SaaS businesses, aims to address the critical need for integrated financial solutions within various platforms.

Founded by industry veterans Ian Crosby and Adam Saint, Teal stands out in the FinTech landscape for its unique approach to accounting services. Leveraging their expertise from founding Bench Accounting and working at Shopify, Crosby and Saint have developed a platform that empowers Vertical SaaS businesses to offer customised accounting suites to their SMB customers.

One of the key challenges faced by SMBs is the lack of seamless accounting solutions integrated into their core business platforms. Teal aims to bridge this gap by equipping companies with the necessary APIs and tools to build their own accounting offerings. This enables SMBs to access crucial insights such as real-time cash flow, per-product profitability, and streamlined tax filing processes.

Teal’s comprehensive suite of out-of-the-box tools enables Vertical SaaS companies to launch their accounting platforms swiftly, often in as little as four weeks. These tools include fully functioning app code repositories and seamless data integrations with external sources like Plaid, enhancing the overall user experience for SMBs.

According to Ian Crosby, Co-Founder and CEO of Teal, the company’s vision is to become the “Stripe for accounting,” providing the foundational infrastructure for Vertical SaaS companies to embed accounting features seamlessly. By integrating accounting software directly into their platforms, businesses can enhance customer engagement and drive adoption of financial services features.

The significance of Teal’s innovative approach has not gone unnoticed in the investment landscape. Torch Capital, a leading investor in tools and platforms for SMBs, led the recent $8 million seed funding round. Partner Katie Reiner expressed enthusiasm for Teal’s mission to revolutionize the SMB accounting space, citing the dire need for intuitive and streamlined accounting tools.

In an era where embedded finance is gaining traction, Teal’s commitment to offering tailored accounting solutions signifies a promising step towards empowering SMBs with the financial tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


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Digital China’s Guo Wei Shares ‘China’s Sample’ of Global Digital Innovation with London Business School



LONDON, May 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On May 21st, at the invitation of London Business School (LBS), Guo Wei, Chairman of Digital China, participated in the esteemed “Managing the Digital Organization” lecture, engaging with a cohort of prospective business leaders. Focusing on the trending topics of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Digital Transformation’, he imparted the digital philosophy and practices of Chinese enterprises amidst the digital civilization era.

Digital China, a prominent player in China’s digital economy, has harnessed over two decades of deep involvement in the nation’s information industry to embrace the power of digitization. This has culminated in what Guo Wei refers to as ‘China’s Vibrant Blueprint for Digital Transformation’, carving a distinctive path of digital metamorphosis. Notably, Digital China’s transformation narrative has been incorporated into LBS’s esteemed case library, underscoring its significance as a teaching instrument.

In his lecture, Guo Wei emphasized that the digital economy now constitutes the backbone of supply, with digital technology emerging as the paramount catalyst for economic expansion. The hastening pace of global digitization propels us into an epoch of digital civilization. For multinational corporations, digital strategies have escalated to the status of corporate strategy, and the amassing of data assets constitutes the pivotal lever for business innovation. Amidst this evolution, AI-fueled digital-cloud integration signifies a disruptive technological innovation, poised to invigorate the global landscape. Digital China feels honored to reprise its role in elite international business school case repositories, thereby contributing insights to academia. This recognition signifies that Chinese enterprises’ digital and AI acumen resonates globally, exemplifying world-class practices.

Professor Julian Birkinshaw, Vice Dean and Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at LBS, remarked, “As a global institution, we constantly seek out exemplary cases worldwide. Digital China was chosen not solely due to its prominence in China but also its sophisticated implementation of digital technologies, demonstrating adaptability and offering invaluable insights to our students about the contemporary business milieu. The story of Digital China encapsulates Mr. Guo Wei’s philosophy – digitization transcends being a mere process; it embodies the existential rationale for companies. This philosophy underpins our decision to feature Digital China in our case studies.”

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Endava partners with Finexos to revolutionise AI-driven credit risk management




Endava, a leading technology services company combining world-class engineering, industry expertise, and a people-centric mindset, has announced its partnership with Finexos, an AI-powered credit risk and analytics platform.

The partnership aims to leverage Finexos’ state-of-the-art credit risk engine to enhance credit decisioning processes, significantly increasing the accuracy of suitability and affordability calculations for banks and lenders. This collaboration will enable more borrowers to access affordable credit while reducing non-performing loans and improving capital allocation.

Endava, with over 20 years of industry expertise, helps financial institutions position their products and services at the forefront of innovation. Through world-class engineering, Endava supports customers in meeting the demands of responsible lending.

Finexos offers a unique methodology to improve credit decisioning, making it possible for larger volumes of borrowers to access affordable credit. Their advanced AI-powered software helps reduce default risks and improve capital allocation for lenders.

The collaboration allows Endava to integrate Finexos’ AI credit decisioning software into their services, helping financial institutions provide responsible lending solutions. This integration aims to increase accessibility for a broader range of customers and provide a more accurate assessment of borrower risk.

Finexos’ cost-effective data science SaaS platform enriches data analysis, speeds up decisions for borrowers, and reduces costs for lenders. The platform operates without geographical constraints, works within institutions’ firewalls, and ensures data security by not accepting or requiring personally identifiable information (PII).

Endava’s head of alliances and partnerships Lewis Brown said, “The addition of Finexos strengthens Endava’s banking ecosystem with new and existing AI-based software and also brings to our clients new tools that fuel growth and react to new and future regulatory requirements.”

Matthew Williamson, SVP & industry principal at Endava, mentioned, “At Endava, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Finexos, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to financial inclusion. This relationship authentically aligns with our core values, using technology and democratising access to financial instruments. Giving individuals and communities the ability to access fair, consistent next-gen real-time credit scoring. Empowering economic growth and stimulus.”


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