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AMSTERDAM, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Lucinity has launched a groundbreaking generative AI copilot plugin at Money2020 Europe, offering immediate ROI for financial institutions. This system-agnostic plugin acts as a central copilot compatible with all web-based enterprise applications, pulling data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, case management systems, third-party vendors, and Excel documents.

The new plugin enhances Lucinity’s AI copilot, ‘Luci,’ launched last year as the world’s first AI copilot for financial crime prevention. With this new functionality, Luci becomes the easiest copilot to integrate into any financial institution (FI), boosting productivity by up to 90% and resulting in substantial cost savings.

Businesses can retain their current licenses and contracts while augmenting insights and accelerating decision-making. Financial institutions can now adopt GenAI without the constraints, costs, and lengthy timelines of traditional implementations.

Lucinity has also introduced the Copilot Skills Studio, an innovative workflow automation studio where users can automate end-to-end workflows with integrated generative AI skills. Processes that typically require several hours can now be completed in minutes.

Lucinity’s customers are already witnessing the power of Luci in action. Hannah Becher, Fraud and AML Surveillance Lead at Pleo says: “Luci is streamlining Pleo’s proof of business (POB) checks, significantly enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of verifying new customers. With Luci, these checks are completed in minutes. Luci evaluates business legitimacy and provides well-documented recommendations with complete references to data sources, ensuring full auditability and explainability. The automated POB check can be reviewed and edited by Pleo’s analysts to ensure correctness.”


Gudmundur Kristjansson, Founder and CEO of Lucinity, states, “One of the most common things we hear from FIs is that they love our products but struggle with old systems they can’t abandon. With our new copilot plugin, that’s no longer a problem.”

When accessing publicly available data, Luci can be implemented instantly, with privately-held data sources added later. Luci can also be deployed within the complete Lucinity platform, working with powerful modules like Case Manager and Customer 360°. Lucinity’s platform is system-agnostic, connecting with any Transaction Monitoring, Fraud, or KYC systems that FIs currently use or wish to integrate with.

In terms of security, Lucinity uses state-of-the-art models like Microsoft Azure Open AI for secure infrastructure. Luci was developed within the compliance sector, ensuring maximum auditability with detailed Audit Log functionality.

Media Contact: Celina Pablo, Senior Marketing Manager,, +354 792 4321

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