AllocateRite Announces Hiring of New Chief of AI and Data Science

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AllocateRite, the New York FinTech and data science company that provides asset managers with dynamic asset allocations employed through ETF-based smart investment strategies, is excited to announce world class AI and data science expert Michael Spece has joined AllocateRite as its Chief of AI and Data Science. Mr. Spece will work directly with Abbas Shah, AllocateRite’s Chief Algo Specialist.

AI and data science are revolutionizing the financial industry at an unprecedented pace, and AllocateRite now finds itself at the forefront of this paradigm shift,” said AllocateRite Chief Algo Specialist, Abbas Shah.

AllocateRite is fast becoming a force in AI and data science as it continues to rapidly develop and deliver unique intelligent platforms to the asset and wealth management industry, and the addition of Spece adds a world class AI and data science expert to AllocateRite’s team, where he will focus on making AllocateRite’s current AI platform even more robust and diverse.

Mr. Spece graduated first in his class at Caltech, and from Carnegie Mellon University with a perfect academic record, earning degrees in four interdisciplinary fields: Applied & Computational Mathematics (BS), Business Economics & Management (BS), Machine Learning (Ph. D.), and Statistics & Data Science (Ph. D.).


SOURCE AllocateRite, LLC