Indegene AI-driven Next Generation Commercialization Platform Launches Yosprala

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Indegene, a leading transformational partner to lifesciences industry, today disrupted the traditional biopharma launch and commercialization model with the next generation AI-driven launch of Yosprala™ for secondary CAD and stroke prevention.

Indegene’s AI-driven Next Generation Commercialization Platform incorporates sophisticated predictive analytics, proprietary library of digital customer insights, Omnipresence CRM technology and intelligent content to provide a fundamentally new way of launching brands and driving accelerated peak sales through optimized dollar spends. Indegene’s Yosprala launch is a landmark departure from the traditional commercialization approaches that have burdened biopharma companies with hefty costs and extended lead times.

Gaurav Kapoor, Executive Vice President, Indegene, said, “The pharma industry is looking for new ways to launch and commercialize its products. The current model is complex, costly and takes too much time. We partnered with Genus Lifesciences, to launch their product Yosprala using our AI-enabled Next Generation Platform. Our transformative platform will help Genus achieve peak sales faster at a fraction of the traditional cost.” Mr. Kapoor also mentioned that four additional co-commercialization assets are being launched by Indegene over the coming 12 months using the Next Generation Commercialization Platform.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Indegene in our brand commercialization journey. Indegene’s technology and data-enabled revenue generation platform coupled with its deep medical and market expertise is unique. For a company like Genus, committed to affordable care and better patient outcomes, a targeted physician engagement approach using cutting-edge digital commercialization capabilities augurs well for our mission,” said Jeffrey Moshal, Chief Executive Officer, Genus Lifesciences.

Young biopharma companies unencumbered by legacy processes have a distinct advantage in becoming the torch-bearers for the industry. Indegene’s new Commercialization Model provides a much-needed option to enable a truly transformative approach for brand commercialization.


SOURCE Indegene Private Limited