Shibamons Aims to Bring “Play to Earn” Back to Its True Nature with an Entirely New Reward System


Washington, D.C.–(Newsfile Corp. – November 15, 2021) – ShibaMons is a Tower Defense NFT game combined with elements of an RPG game. With the exponential growth of Blockchain technology in general and specifically NFTs, the gaming field has gained an entirely new status. “Play to earn” is a breath of fresh air into the traditional game market and an affirmation of the value it will bring. The success of globally recognized titles such as Axie, CryptoBlades, Mobox, Plants Vs. Zombies have established a solid foundation for the next era of GameFi.

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However, the unfiltered entrance of self-titled GameFi projects with nearly identical reward mechanisms is slowly saturating the true nature of “play to earn.”

Through extensive market research in a long period and prepared strategies for the future, ShibaMons – the first and unique Tower Defense GameFi – aims to bring a new reward mechanism with completed use cases, forming the definition of real “play to earn.”


ShibaMons is a Tower Defense game in which players will embody a Hero, use their own NFTs and skills to protect their “base” from the enemy attacks to earn themselves worthy rewards.

With the introduced game modes that include PVP, PVE, GVG, and especially Co-op Battle, which allow 2-3 or even 5 online players to play in the same game simultaneously, ShibaMons is promised to bring tons of excitement and entertainment value when letting players fight alongside their comrades, which is even more rewarding in tactical games.

What makes ShibaMons confident of their reward system?

Existing GameFi projects usually prefer using a second token (besides the project’s), which has yet to have specific use cases, to reward players. In the starting phase, where the market experiences FOMO on a large scale, the token is easily overvalued, negatively affecting the token’s price when rewards are distributed for the first time and players begin to sell quickly. Therefore, ShibaMons has improved its reward system by introducing different reward categories that carry distinctive values that ensure the project’s long-term development.

Different rewards will be distributed to players depending on the game mode:

PVE: after completing daily missions and Careers, players will receive NFTs such as Hero Chest, Hero Fragments, and equipment as rewards. Each NFT is created with an assigned value and can be valued as an asset that can enhance the fighting formation, exchanged between players, and traded on Marketplace.

PVP: players get a chance to fight against each other for the top positions in the chart to receive various Rare Chests and token. Using only token as a reward for top players will help sustain the token’s value and ensure the worthwhile liquidity of players’ spending.

Lastly, GVG: players enroll in Guilds to fight alongside each other and seize the highest position for their Guild to receive rewards as Rare Chests (NFTs). Players will also receive Skill Points, which can be turned into unique Guild Skills when the capacity is met.

Unique reward system

With Binemon’s Merge, ShibaMons also utilizes $BIN. Besides the rewards obtained from the mentioned game modes, a prominent feature impossible not to mention is that the ShibaMons Marketplace fee will be employed as a reward for $BIN holders through the auto-farming program.


ShibaMons chose to walk the distinct road by focusing on perfecting the reward system with particular use cases, which the current GameFI projects lack. Let’s together wait for the anticipated changes to take place in mid-November when ShibaMons brings “play to earn” back to its true meaning.


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