Founder of Announces the Launch of His Crypto Firm for Web 3.0 Education, DeFi, Crypto, and Investment Help


Verona, New Jersey–(Newsfile Corp. – May 12, 2022) – Jonathan Cole has recently announced his future plan to launch his LLC Crypto firm and educate people about Web 3.0, DeFi, Crypto, and investment help.


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Jonathan Cole’s upcoming company website LLCCrypto is currently undergoing beta testing work, which is set to be launched within the next few weeks.

Jonathan’s business is helpful for people who want to understand how they can maximize their saving efficacy on their crypto investments and how to set up an LLC for crypto-related assets. The company will also help people understand some vital way to effectively manage their tax on crypto incomes without inviting any legal trouble.

The company believes in providing the optimum ROI per dollar invested by turning your crypto portfolio into a business.

LLC Crypto has successfully established its credential as the only crypto-related informational website in the US. It has partnered with many international tech-savvy entrepreneurs, various blockchain companies, and interested investors to make sure that the company always remains at its forefront when it comes to assisting crypto investors. Jonathan is also speaking at the LA Fitness Expo in May 2022 on behalf of his company.

However, he is currently working on solving the biggest question for investors-how can investors pay taxes on profits that they receive on buying and selling crypto assets?

Jonathan Cole, aged 20, was born and raised in Verona, NJ. As a young tech-savvy entrepreneur who often faces several challenges while developing his company, Jonathan has experienced setbacks from chronic pancreatitis and being underestimated by his peers. He dreams of educating the masses and making the world 100% financially literate. wants to instill the art of saving among Americans. But before that happens, it is necessary for the people to understand the right avenues and sectors where they can invest their hard-earned money. Especially after the coronavirus pandemic, people need to be more proactive than ever.

Through, the only crypto-related business formation website for the aspiring cryptopreneurs, Jonathan wants it to act as a powerful source of useful information for the people. It is because of Jonathan’s personal initiative, he has over 15k+ followers across various social networking channels. His social media content also has over 5 million views, which shows his popularity among aspiring entrepreneurs and tech-savvy cryptocoin investors.

“Once LLCCrypto goes live, I will offer useful investment tips and tricks to people. I’ve always loved offering my suggestions and advice to people on crypto-assets and to users. Earlier, I offered my advice on Twitter, but now I will officially communicate through my website. Anyone interested in knowing more about cryptocoins and De-fi can refer to my website and get all the information with the click of a mouse,” Jonathan stated.

At present, Jonathan has a research group on Discord with over 3000+ members. He is also a good philanthropist that wants to build schools for underprivileged kids across the globe. He also wishes to contribute part of his income to development causes in developing countries.

LLCCrypto offers education on crypto, investment, and financial management to aspiring entrepreneurs. Keep a tab on Jonathan’s latest announcement on the following Instagram handles: @joncole_._ and @llccrypto.nett Twitter:@cryptogooonn Youtube: Cryptogoon.

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