Exxe Group Announces Formation of Multi-Million Dollar FinTech Trading Services Operation


Exxe Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: AXXA) a diversified company focused on acquisitions in real estate, financial services, digital platforms, and agribusiness, announced today that it is combining certain FinTech assets into its AXXAInvest financial services trading and investments group that can immediately generate millions of dollars of revenue annually. AXXAInvest will have a multi purpose peer-to-peer (P2P) real estate services platform at its core and it will benefit customers by providing easier access to high quality real estate projects and investment capital while lowering costs associated with the transactions.

AXXA is targeting an immediate boost to its $4.5 million quarterly gross revenue by rolling its 1031 exchange real estate, currency exchange, and digital alternative investment software into its AXXAInvest real estate platform. AXXA’s unique approach uses AI software and blockchain technologies to simplify the identification of real estate offerings and to match potential access to capital. The company estimates AXXAInvest will result in a doubling of AXXA’s combined quarterly revenue base to approximately $9 million, as well as providing additional revenue growth once the new service is fully rolled out.

Eduard Nazmiev, PhD, CEO of Exxe Group, said: “Our goals with AXXAInvest are to provide easier access to projects and capital and reduce consumer costs by leveraging the transformative characteristics of real estate market technology. Through this unique integrated approach, customers now have increased access and spending power. We achieved this by combining various FinTech platforms into a unique peer-to-peer real estate services platform that reduces access costs and simplifies the process solving multiple problems the participants might have in execution. We believe AXXAInvest will emerge as a leading platform of choice as our service offering is better than comparable services currently on the market.”

AXXAInvest will be monetized by offering FinTech modules to institutions, corporations, lenders, and investors. The new operation will initially be marketed to AXXA’s high net worth (HNW) elite digital platform members list before being rolled out to additional target audiences.

By combining existing AI and blockchain features with various HNW user communities, AXXA’s project maximizes efficiency in lead generation, administration, P2P activity, and some of the industry’s most complex and fast-growing fintech applications.

The new business combination uniquely positions AXXAinvest for growth using cross-sale opportunities. AXXAinvest will be monetized by offering highly valuable and profitable FinTech modules to institutions, corporations, lenders, and investors.

The acquisition is non-dilutive to Common shareholders. Exxe’s strategy facilitates the transaction by using Preferred Shares and Debt, both of which include long term restrictions protecting Common shareholders. In addition, as part of the deal, Exxe Group committed substantial capital for marketing and business development to grow the platform.